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Cheating - losing weight with pleasure!

Cheating - losing weight with pleasure How many diets invented by man in order to gain a beautiful body and raise self-esteem!But not all weight loss attempts end in equally successful - it throw on halfway, breaking into forbidden sweets.Today the world is talking about the new trend in the world of diets - the so-called cheating.

Cheating promises not only to help in weight loss, but also improve the results already achieved.What is cheating and what it is on a diet?

Cheating (from the English. "Cheating" -obman scam) - the exact opposite of unloading days, during which are allowed to eat the minimum amount of any product.

    Cheating permits to withdraw from a strict diet, and treat yourself to something forbidden, delicious.This fad for already supports a large number of fans of diets, which see it as salvation from boredom mono- or too rigid diets.

effort to find your ideal shape, many women (and men) wear themselves about hunger strikes, lose weight, get angry, almost the desired weight gain and break.Discarded kgs come back, and w

ith them go out hope for the possession of a luxurious body.What a mistake losing weight and how they can help the planned hanging ice dams?

First, consider the process of losing weight: any diet, carefully selected from the endless list of every possible product combinations based on one simple rule: less eat - quickly grow thin:

  • someone chooses monodiets and content with one or two products for the long term;
  • someone prefers to reduce the amount eaten per day to a dangerous minimum.

body slimming while experiencing a real shock and begins to produce the energy required for even a simple walk from the reserve fat folds.The folds are melting, the scales show a significant loss of kilos, but losing weight soon notices that the process has slowed down or completely stopped.

What's the matter?Surely this is not enough?Well, the food intake is reduced mercilessly trims and strongly controlled.This has added heavy exercise.But the weight is at a standstill.But there irritability, fatigue, difficult desire to sit, lie down, lean against anything, but would not make any unnecessary movements.

here faced with losing weight main mistake fans of fast and slimmer - body, almost accustomed to eat once a day, and then two days, it starts to store the substance, as occasionally coming to him.How do we get the energy and good humor?

Recall that a calorie is called a unit of energy contained in a given product.A negligible amount of calories eaten and led to a decline in energy and poor health, anger and gray complexion.Exercise just exhausted miserable body, which is ready to do anything for salvation.

But does it losing weight?With renewed vigor, he leans on exercise and diet tightens rules.Metabolism slows down completely, the body is literally "gesture" and to the desired results still far away.And then losing weight knows that he is tired.Tired of counting calories tired to play sports, and how long the smell attracts these beautiful tarts from a nearby bakery!

And here is what usually ends all persistent struggle for beauty - slimming breaks taboo on yummy.Disruption to the diet starts small and ends with a grand devastation refrigerator and if gone quite far away, nearby shops.

body again shocked;not knowing what to do with such a huge amount of "happiness" in the form of a huge number of various carbohydrate-fat-protein, it begins to store them in the event of a new hunger attack.And here is the result - the extra weight back, and not one of them-with a couple more new-C grade.Strict bans and tight control over calories led to depletion of the body and psyche.

boot day will not bring diet to such a sad end.

    Cheating - scheduled errors in the days of the diet, "the programmed failures", "planned or hanging ice dams" - that's the main salvation enthusiasts diets.Even at the most strict diet can arrange a day of cheating (or boot day), treat yourself to your favorite foods.

But chitting also has rules that will help you not only to relax during a diet, weight throw, but not to break up a useless zakidyvaniya all products.

rules for the boot of the day on a diet

1. Diet for "loading": everything is possible!Cheating does not prohibit high-calorie treats, but it is better to give preference to products that help a long time to not feel hungry (cereals, nuts, vegetables).

2. How many?Of course, do not eat cakes in unusual quantities.A sense of proportion - above all!The smaller the last scheduled "hanging ice dams" - the more are allowed to eat.If it lasts for several days, it should monitor the amount eaten goodies.

3. Cheating on time?This is usually 1-2 days, but if you want, you can arrange a "download" and for 4-5 days, but do not forget to follow the menu!

4. During cheating drink plenty of water (about 2 liters a day).

These are simple rules that should help to enjoy the diet and sometimes allow themselves small "holiday stomach".Cheating is aimed at swaying slow metabolism, the body has to understand that he does not need to store any food for the future.However, the planned

HANGING ICE DAMS - is not only to help the body, but also help to losing weight.Any disruption in the sweetness strikes enormous sense of guilt, and it seems that all efforts in vain, just now it is impossible to stop.Boot days give you an opportunity to disrupt and competently with health benefits.You should not blame themselves for extra bun during the diet - just today, "a planned failure"!Love yourself and know - tomorrow everything will be better than today!