Cleansing diets

Unloads after the holidays

Unloading diet after the holidays festive table according to Russian traditions should burst with a variety of dishes.And basically it is a heavy fatty foods, salty and spicy.Plus a large amount of alcohol consumed and the additional burden on the body ... appetite.

Results of the celebrations, especially if they are delayed for a few days, and can be seen on the face and the figure.But more serious are the consequences for the health of holiday festivities.Gastrointestinal tract does not have time to digest that amount of food.Do doctors have even a special name - "Christmas bulimia."How to help unload the body after the holidays?

symptoms of digestive disorders

  • rumbling in the abdomen, bloating,
  • a bad taste in the mouth, tongue coated,
  • possible diarrhea or constipation,
  • discomfort in the upper abdomen,
  • belching,
  • result of enzymaticfailure may be, oddly enough, increased appetite, because violated the assimilation of nutrients.

presence of even some of the above symptoms tell that the body can not cope with the lo

ad, and it's time to move on to a light diet, which helps the digestive system to recover after the holidays.

especially hard for the pancreas, it must develop and enzymes and hormones involved in the assimilation of glucose, which is continuously released into the blood during hours of feasts.The result can be even inflammation of the pancreas - pancreatitis.In this case, it will have to go because of the festive table straight to the hospital.

Who is at risk?

  • children who have not yet had time to form a full digestive tract,
  • older people with age decreases the production of enzymes,
  • people with digestive diseases (such as very much).

Unloading diet after the holidays

course, when unloading after the holidays it is necessary to reduce the amount of food.There is little and often (preferably every 3 hours).You should not go hungry.Fasting may be constipation, as well as the intestines scored protein food, it will begin the process of decay.

useful for women in those days will be a vegetarian diet, or at least a pinch of meat to a minimum.

Eliminate salted and smoked, spicy, fatty and fried food, sweets, fresh pastries.Also, carbonated beverages, especially cold.

better to limit the use of coffee and tea.Limit bread, it is better to use dried.

sure to drink water and drink plenty of fluids.

useful when unloading after the holidays to eat dairy products: yogurt, cheese.

Vegetables and fruit, cereal containing vegetable fiber necessary to maintain the normal intestinal microflora and stimulate its motility.
But indigestion better to eat fruits and vegetables in processed form (boiled, steamed, stewed fruit).

Kashi best cook on the water, or at least milk mixed with water.

for cleaning and unloading of the gastrointestinal tract is useful oatmeal, boiled in water.

If constipation is to eat prunes, dried apricots, figs.Other tips on nutrition for constipation.

  • In order to help the body recover, you can drink a few days enzyme preparations: mezim, Festal, if you have decreased acidity - panzinorm.
  • help handle the load of the liver may be taking drugs such as tykveol, hofitol, holagogum.

If the holidays you move from salty, to relieve the kidneys and withdraw excess fluid can be 2-3 days to drink diuretics: urological (diuretic) collection or decoction of leaves cranberries, cranberry infusion.

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