Cleansing diets

Diet onion soup

Diet onion soup One of the most effective ways to balance the weight and lose a few kilograms on a diet onion soup.Onion soup - low-calorie dish, increases peristalsis, it helps cleanse the body of toxins and fat burning.

strongly recommended before starting a diet to consult with your doctor for contraindications.

It should also be noted that in the onion soup diet for weight loss is not all just for the reason that not everyone can have this dish.Some of this soup its specific taste and smell is quite certain reflexes in the event which will have to give up on the soup.

Diet "onion soup" suggests that you cook the soup in one of the following recipes and eat it 7 days.Soup is not simple, and dietary, prepared by one of two recipes.It should be noted that this diet, the diet which is the basis onion soup organism leads to a state of stress, so it can not be repeated more frequently than once in three months.

Cooking dietary onion soup, two recipes

1. Requires a head of cabbage, 100 grams.celery root, grated,

six white bulbs.Fruits are cleaned, crushed, put in a saucepan and cook until tender.At the end of cooking to add flavor bouillon cube is allowed or served with soup.The addition of mayonnaise, sour cream, fat blends for soups prohibited.

2. Required: 6 white onions, a little butter, dill, garlic salt, grated celery root.The bulbs are cut in half, grease with melted butter, sprinkle with garlic salt, dill and bake in the microwave.Ready bulbs put them in a saucepan with the celery, pour cold water.Once the soup boils, remove it from heat, cool slightly and give shred the contents of the pan with a blender.The soup can be charged with dill and natural yoghurt in an amount of 120 ml per pot.

onion soup diet: diet

Not properly cook the onion soup, it is also necessary to correctly use.And eat diet meals should be several times a day, that is, every time you want to eat.Including in the morning, instead of the usual coffee and a sandwich.Think in advance if you can live this way, and if you think there is - it is better not sit on a diet.However, diet and involves the use of other products, but in any case they can not replace one or more meals - that you negate the entire result.In short, need to eat a diet onion soup , and everything else - it's just a supplement that will help you sustain the diet for seven days.
Whatever day you do not sit on a diet, start menu Monday.

Monday - onion soup and fruit.Fruits can eat any except bananas and in an amount not exceeding one kilo.

Tuesday - onion soup and vegetables - raw, cooked in a double boiler, or simply boiled.Needless to say that the potato is prohibited.

Wednesday - onion soup, vegetables and fruits.How would you not like to eat, watch the amount of additives: there should be no more than one kilogram.

Thursday - the day of strict diet, this day can be consumed, except for onion soup, a glass of skim milk (milk can be separated for the day, adding it to coffee or tea).Optionally, you can eat two bananas.

Friday - add to the onion soup protein foods - up to 500 grams.turkey, fish or chicken.Permission is granted to use more tomato.

Saturday - do yourself as a complement to a salad of onion soup with white meat, sweet pepper, cucumber and cabbage.Dressed this salad with lemon juice.You can eat up to 500 grams.salad of the day.

Sunday - to the onion soup, you can add boiled rice neshlifovannyyv of 120 gr., 2 cups of vegetables and fresh juice.Vegetables should be free of oil and juice - no sugar.

Onion soup is a diuretic and cleansing effect, so the diet is not recommended for people having problems with the kidneys and urinary system.We should not forget that as a result of burnt fat diet can quickly return if in the next two months you do not count calories and stick to a low calorie diet.