Low-calorie diet

Diet ABC - harmful and beneficial

Diet ABC
There are two completely different in its principles of diet, with one name - Diet ABC.At the same time, both options for today might be called "trendy" diets.

Diet ABC: an option for extreme

This diet ABC (Ana Boot Camp) is more like starvation.Continuing diet of 50 days, each of which must adhere to a certain threshold of daily calories.Also within 5 days you have to completely give up eating.

dining options on days:

1 day: 500 calories, 2 day: 500 calories, 3 day: 300 calories,
Day 4: 400 calories, 5: 100 calories,
6th day: 200 calories, 7: 300 kcal, 8: 400 kcal, 9: 500 kcal, 10: hunger,
11: 150 kcal, 12: 200 kcal, 13: 400 kcal,
14: 350 kcal, 15: 250 kcal,
16: 200 kcal, 17:Hunger, 18: 200 kcal, 19: 100 kcal, 20: hunger,
21: 300 kcal, 22: 250 kcal, 23: 200 kcal,
24: 150 kcal, 25: 100 kcal,
26 50 kcal, 27100 kcal, 28: 200 calories,
29: 200 calories, 30: 300 calories,
31: 800 calories, 32: hunger, 33: 250 kcal,
34: 350 calories, 35: 450 kcal,
36 hunger, 37: 500 kcal, 38: 450 kcal,

39: 400 kcal, 40: 350 kcal,
41: 300 kcal, 42: 250 kcal, 43: 200 kcal,
44: 200 kcal, 45: 250 kcal,
46: 200 calories, 47: 300 calories, 48: 200 calories,
49: 150 calories, 50 hunger

The result of such a diet may be losing weight for 50 days by 25 kg.
However, nutritionists do not recommend to strictly adhere to this diet, as it can cause serious illness such as anorexia.
Diet threatens not only physical, but also mental health.And certainly not in any way this diet can not withstand those who are under 18 years old.

Among the possible negative effects of the diet:

Fainting and dizziness, extreme exhaustion, hormonal disruptions, blurred vision, hair loss and brittle nails, irregularities in the digestive tract, liver, thyroid, anorexia.

addition this rapid weight loss almost inevitably lead to sagging skin and tighten the skin will be difficult.
Another shortcoming of diet - slow metabolism after it will cause that you will recover from a much smaller amount of food than before the diet.
If you do decide on such a diet, try to get out of the allowed calories low-calorie foods, be sure to eat vegetables and dairy products.

Sample menu diet of ABC with 50 days
Menu 500 kcal:

100 grams of oatmeal +100 grams of yogurt - 221 calories
cheese low fat 180 g - 153 kcal
2 oranges - 120 kcal

menu for 350 calories:

vegetable soup 850 g - 285 kcal.
apple 100 grams - 40 calories.
sauerkraut - 100g - 18 kcal.

Menu 200 kcal:

vegetable soup 300 g - 90 kcal.
sauerkraut 100 g - 18 kcal.
green apple 200 grams - 88 calories.

balanced diet ABC (traffic light) - safely and effectively

This diet is unlike the first, it will provide the body adequate nutrition, while allowing soft and lose weight without harm to health.
Adhering to simple rules, you can lose weight without disruption, allowing himself not to look "black sheep" and the holiday table.

essence of the diet ABC (traffic)
All products divide into three groups:
• «red» group (A) - is completely banned on the diet,
• «yellow» (B) - products of this group can have up to 18.00 (within reasonable limits),
• «green» (C) - can be used without restrictions (within reason).

Group A - red, includes:

• fast food,
• mayonnaise, cream cheese, fat sour cream, milk,
• fatty meats (pork, fat bird) and lard, smoked,
• ice cream, cakes,cakes with cream and butter, yeast pastries and white bread,
• carbonated soft drinks, champagne and beer.

Group B - yellow is:

• pasta from durum wheat, oatmeal on the water (except semolina) and pastries from a savory puff pastry, boiled potatoes,
• lean meat, boiled sausage,
• bitter chocolate, candyand jellies, marshmallows,
• hard cheese, cottage cheese,
• sweet fruits and dried fruits,
• spices, ketchup and pickles,
• tea and coffee.

Group C - Green:

• seafood and boiled fish,
• low-fat yogurt, kefir and yogurt, ayran,
• cabbage, green salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, carrots, greens,
• apples,citrus fruits, strawberries, currants,
• olive oil,
• Eggs boiled "in the bag" (2 pieces)

diet ABC (traffic) rules:

• One meal can be eaten no more than 2 mealsit is desirable that one of them was a low-calorie salad or soup.Recommended combination: an appetizer, plus soup, or soup and a second, or a snack, plus dessert.
• Do not eat in one go at once and meat, and fish.
• allowed the moderate use of alcoholic beverages following: dry and semi-sweet wine, martini, whiskey, vodka.

• If you want to lose weight quickly, once a week, you can arrange fasting days, selecting for this day only one of the products "green" groups.Also on this day we should drink plenty of water.
• Diet ABC suggests a fractional power, ie 5-6 times a day in small portions.In this case, it eliminates the feeling of hunger.
• The basis of the diet should be the products of the "green" list, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables, oatmeal - the sources of dietary fiber that are essential for the normal functioning of the intestines and cleanse the body.
• Dishes recommended steamed, stew or boiled.

Such a diet can comply with indefinitely, and weight loss, and weight maintenance.It's pretty close to the concept of "proper nutrition»

recommended diet douche, it will help to keep the skin in good shape, a positive effect on the immune system, blood circulation, the endocrine system

Since diet is not hard, the results will come faster if you connect a fitness slimming.

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