Low-calorie diet

Spring diet for 35 days

Diet for 35 days Diet Spring is suitable only for those who have no health problems.
The advantages of a diet can be attributed the relative diversity of the diet, as well as the duration of the diet for 35 days, the body's ability to rebuild and get used to the new food and small portions.

The basic rules of diet for 35 days to lose weight

• The day you should drink 1.5 liters of water, tea, coffee.No less, no more drinking is not recommended.You can drink the drinking water or mineral without gas, water prior to drinking, it is best to warm to a comfortable temperature for you.

• If you have broken, do not torture yourself with hunger, simply continue the diet.

• If you can not live without the sweet, the rules allow the diet to eat a piece of chocolate or a slice of another sweet dessert, but only once a day, in the morning till 12 o'clock.

• Start Dinner is recommended no later than 18.30.

• If the menu listed the vegetables, you can have any, except potatoes.Potatoes can be used only when it is expressly

stated in the menu.

    For best results, we recommend using a means of cellulite: 1 to 20 Day Diet rub into problem areas twice a day, the next 10 days - once a day, once a month - in a day.

On the eve of the first day of the diet have dinner till 16.00.

menu diet Spring

1, 2, 3 days

• After waking up: 150 ml of warm water (recommended mineral water Essentuki number 17), 7 drops of lemon juice or a slice of lemon, 1 tablespoon honey - stir and drink immediately.
• Breakfast (15 minutes): unsweetened tea or coffee
• Lunch: boiled chicken and raw vegetables - 300-350, the meal can be divided into two parts.For example, at 12 o'clock and at 3 o'clock.
• Dinner: boiled cabbage with the broth (200 g of cabbage and 300 ml of water).Cook for 20 minutes, without salt.The broth to drink slowly for about an hour.

4 day

low fat cottage cheese - 500 g and low-fat yogurt (or other fermented drink) - 0.5 liters, divided into 5 receptions.

5 day

5 baked or boiled potatoes in their skins, low-fat yogurt - 0.5 liters.

6 day

Boiled lean meat - 500 g, low-fat yogurt - 0.5 liters.

7 day

low fat cottage cheese - 500 g and low-fat yogurt - 0.5 liters.

8 day

Sour cream (10-15%) - 500 g, low-fat yogurt - 0.5 liters.

9 day

Dried unlimited (from raisins should be abandoned) and low-fat yogurt - 0.5 liters.

10 day

Water - 1 liter of low-fat yogurt - 1.5 liters.

11 day

type Essentuki mineral water or mineral water without gas - 1.5 liters.

12 day

• Breakfast: tea without sugar.
• In 12 hours: hard cheese - 50 g or low-fat cottage cheese - 100 g
• After 2 hours: hard-boiled egg and tea without sugar.
• Afternoon snack: unsweetened yogurt or cottage cheese (150-200 ml).
• Dinner: boiled meat or chicken - 100 g vegetable salad with vegetable oil - 200-300g.

13 and 14 days

• Breakfast: unsweetened tea (coffee), hard cheese - 100 g
• Lunch: boiled meat, fish or chicken fillet - 150 g, hard boiled egg, cheese - '30
• Dinner: boiled meat, fish or chicken - 200 g vegetable salad with lemon juice and herbs.
• At night: mint tea - 1 tbsp.tablespoons of mint in a glass of boiling water.

15 day

Choice: low-fat cottage cheese - 300 grams of milk - 1 liter, or low-fat cottage cheese - 500 g yogurt - 0.5 liters.

From 16 to 22 days of meals every 2 hours, approximately: 8-10-12-14-16-18 in hours.Every morning you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

16 day

400g baked in the oven "in uniform" potatoes, 0.5 liters of yogurt 1%.

17 day

400 g low-fat cottage cheese, 0.5 liters of yogurt

18 day

400 g of fruit (except bananas and grapes), 0.5 liters of yogurt

19 day 400 g of boiled chicken without skinwithout salt, 0.5 liters of yogurt

20 day

400 g of fruit (except bananas and grapes), 0.5 liters of yogurt

21 days

1.5 liters of mineral water without gas.

22 day

400 g of fruit (except bananas and grapes), 0.5 liters of yogurt

23 day

• Breakfast: coffee without sugar
• Lunch: 2 eggs, and braised cabbage with vegetable oil, a glass of tomatojuice (no salt, preferably freshly squeezed)
• Dinner: boiled or steamed fish

24 day

• Breakfast: coffee and toast
• Lunch: fish fried or boiled, salad from fresh cabbage
• Dinner: 200 g boiledbeef (350 g crude), a cup of yogurt

25 day

• Breakfast: coffee, toast;
• Dinner: zucchini, fried in vegetable oil, apples
• Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 200 g boiled beef, coleslaw

26 day

• Breakfast: coffee
• Lunch: 1 raw egg, 3 big boiled carrots, cook with vegetable oil, 15 g (slice) cheese;
• Dinner: any fruit

27 day

• Breakfast: grated raw carrots, seasoned with lemon juice
• Lunch: big boiled or fried in vegetable oil fish, a glass of tomato juice
• Dinner: any fruit

28 day

• Breakfast: coffee
• Lunch: boiled chicken - 500 g, salad with fresh cabbage and carrots
• Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, salad from carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice

29 day

• Breakfast: tea
• Lunch: boiled beef - 200 g, fruits
• Dinner: choose the dinner menu of any of the days from 23 to 28 (except 25th)

30 day as a 29
31 days on 28
32 day as a 27
33 day as a
26 34 25
day as a day like 35 24.

C 4 to 10 days, and from 15 to 22 day diet is not painted on the meals, all food should be divided into 3-5 servings.

Lose 35 days on the diet can be 10 kg or more, depending on the starting weight.Longer diet is impossible.

best option to not gain extra weight back after the diet spring, will move to split meals.

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