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Which diet is best to sit down?

the best diet for weight loss Is there a "best diet for weight loss?"Skeptics, having read on the Internet about the dangers of dieting, of course, say "no diets, better work out."But let's be realistic - small changes in eating patterns plus the increase of motor activity will give you much more than mindless exercise in style "I went to all the classes that have been in the health club." Too much sport usually means increased appetite, well, the last is the most important cause of all our suffering pohudetelnyh.Therefore, if you need to lose a few or a few tens of kilograms, better grab yourself a good diet and appropriate to her system of exercises for weight loss.

The best diet for weight loss "diet No. 8»

What it is: low-calorie health diet.Diet designed for 1200, 1500 or 1800 kcal, depending on the starting weight slimming.Beginner Recommended with the "top" of the ceiling, and "sit in a high-calorie category" until it is the plateau (for details: the effect of the plateau).Diet experts approved RAMS.
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That is: five small servings a day, vegetable salads, lean meat, low fat dairy products, soups vegetable broth and steam vegetables.

To fit Diet: those who can cook porridge and meat in a double boiler and does not hesitate to grate carrots on a salad.The rest is recommended to strictly control what the cook puts into the food, and how to fill salads.

The supplement: yes anything!Eating a healthy natural food is combined with cardio, and power load, and callanetics Bodyflex with yoga and give "a whirlwind" effect on its base.Total

?Minus five to seven kilograms per month, plus healthy eating habits and the ability to cook a normal low-calorie food.

Details: dietary table number 8

The best diet for weight loss, "Diet three fist»

What it is: low-calorie "sporty" diet, that is, to sit down at her best both physically active people.There you'll be in the hallway exemplary 1400-1800 kcal, but the right combination of foods will give you energy and satiety, and the original calculation scheme "fists" will eliminate the need to count calories.

As there: You measure out the food with the help of ... the size of your own fist.On the plate should be based on "two fists" of vegetables, half - of meat or fish and the cam buckwheat or brown rice.All this dressed with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.This exemplary embodiment of the menu - not the only one allowed, and fruits and vegetables, and dairy products.Unsubscribe have only greasy fried foods, bacon, sausages, and other than those recommended by most diet products.

To fit: those who do not like to consider, but is not averse to eat delicious and plenty.Skeptics recommend that you first try the diet with the recommended exercise program, its author, and then talk about "a lot of food."

The supplement: strength training three times a week.Hour with dumbbells, barbells, in the gym or with a body weight - a prerequisite of losing weight "with their fists."A couple of months you will be in a bathing suit look better than ever.Well, if there is no money in the room - download video Callanetics.

What a good diet?Less fat, plus - an excellent figure, the average goes up to 20 (!) Cm waist diet for 3 months.

Details: Power System Three Fist

best diet for weight loss No. 3: "Diet five factors»

What it is: eat five times a day, every 3, 5 hours, every meal are always present proteins, fats, usefulcarbohydrates (cereal, vegetables, fruit), vitamins and minerals.To comply with the latter condition, will have to part with a semi except vegetables "shock freezing".

as it is: a la carte.You need to reduce portions, and "squeeze" in the corridor of calories 1400-1800 kcal.Overeating is prohibited.However, once a week for restrictions can be "scored" and eat whatever your heart desires.Fasting day tomorrow to arrange not worth it.If you really eat only low-fat meat, porridge on the water or low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, you can not recover from even a liter of beer with a bag of chips on a Friday night.

The supplement: training program "Five Factors".Five minutes to warm up any cardio, then perform the exercise of power 2, 2 abdominal exercises, and 5 minutes 'jams' on the same simulator.Train 5 times a week, every day working on a new muscle group and choose a new exercise on a press.More about this program can be found in the book by Harley Pasternak's "5 factors in good shape."Total

?Minus 5-20 kg, plus a great figure and healthy eating habits.

Why not listed in our doctors and other Ducane Elena Malysheva?Their power supply system is not suited to everyone, "heroes" in our ranking have virtually no contraindications, and can easily withstand any person without any signs of iron willpower.Try it, maybe it was one of these diets for weight loss would be the best for you.And to be healthy and beautiful you'll love!

Details: diet menu five factors

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