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Liepaja diet Dr. Hazan

Liepaja diet Dr. Hazan Liepaja diet Leo Hazan largely contradicts everything you have been taught.Leo Hazan allows his patients to eat fatty meat usual salads and sandwiches, but dramatically reduces the portions.As a result, you are losing weight due to significant calorie restriction, but do not notice the fact.

    Fatty foods saturates slightly better than low-fat, and finally 100 grams of salad will give you more peace and satiety than 300 grams of green vegetable salad with chicken breast.

vitamin deficiency in the diet is supposed to be covered by the fresh fruit and vegetable juice, but eat fruit separately you do not have.At the time of weight loss is excluded as alcohol, sweets, misrepresented including in the form of supplements in tea or coffee.By and large, Liepaja diet is an instruction how to eat the foods and lose weight.And yet - a "tablet from greed," because you will have only three times a day, small portions.

Diet Dr. Hazan: Pros and Cons

There are diets that would be one hundred percent fit all peopl

e.And even the plans of Power Certified doctors - not the exception.
So, it is not necessary to adhere to Liepaja diet if you have high blood pressure and heart disease, and high cholesterol levels.The reason - a large amount of animal fat in the diet of this diet.

not approach it and those who have diabetes of the second type - carbohydrates like potatoes and fruit juices are not for people like the ideal food, and lead to serious disturbances.

Do not stick to a diet of Liepaja, if you are serious about weight training.This sport is changing metabolism forever, and to keep it at a stable level, you will need large amounts of protein, lower - fat and carbohydrate composition qualitatively different.In addition, athletes profitable eat 5 times a day in small portions, and three meals a day to leave their muscles on a starvation diet.

By and large, Liepaja diet designed for people who do not have special health problems, but those wishing to lose weight.A significant advantage of the diet is that you can eat out in the process of losing weight, and after it.And out of the diet will be soft - Add a bowl of soup for dinner, eat and continue in the same spirit of life.

Liepaja diet: slimming menu

Liepaja diet Dr. Hazan is a three-month continuous compliance.If during this period you will not be able to get rid of all the planned weight, you need to rest 1-3 months, and again to the diet.

Liepaja diet is important to observe the intervals between meals - not less than five hours.Snacks and "tea" with sweets or sugar substitutes are prohibited.Do you want to drink - drink a glass of water.

Menu in the first month of a diet Dr. Hazan:

Monday and Thursday

• Breakfast: sandwich with a small slice of cheese and a thin layer of butter (not margarine or spread!) On a 30-gram piece of any bread, tea or coffee naturalsugar and milk.
• Lunch: 5-6 tablespoons of vegetables, including potatoes, 135 grams of meat, a glass of juice.
• Dinner: 5-6 tablespoons of vinaigrette with sprats, 30 grams of bread, a cup of milk or yogurt.


• Breakfast: 1 apple, 4 walnut kernels, 100 g of cottage cheese
• Lunch: as breakfast
• Dinner: half a liter of yogurt and 1-2 teaspoons of any of honey.

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday:

• Breakfast: a sandwich with meat or carbonate, coffee or tea, can be spread on bread, butter.
• Lunch: 5-6 tablespoons of vegetables, including potatoes and carrots, 135 g of any fish can be grilled even a glass of any fruit juice of your choice.
• Dinner: Meat salad Olivier type, 5-6 tablespoons no slides, a cup of yogurt or milk, a slice of bread.


• Breakfast: tea or coffee, 2 boiled eggs.
• Lunch: 5-6 tablespoons of vegetables, 135 grams of meat, a glass of juice.
• Dinner: salad with sprats, a glass of milk or yogurt, a slice of bread

In the second month of the diet you have to replace a dinner Friday cheeses melted chocolate and 4-5 dry biscuits.

And in the third month diet Leo Hazan adds an additional fasting day - Monday instead of the normal diet, you will need to drink 7 glasses of kefir and eat 1 kg of any unsweetened fruit.

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