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Spring Diet: Tips nutritionists

Spring diet Spring diet - is not only a great and terrible "Spring" with its otvarchikom cabbage for dinner.Nutritionists from different countries come together in order to tell you about what is and what not to eat this spring.With their help, you can easily lose a few kilos of the season bikini and not catch cold.

Spring diet in Russian

M. Ginsburg wrote that the spring - not only a time to love, but also the various dietary "distortions."Michael does not advise you to sit on the unbalanced diet like buckwheat and kefir this spring.Especially set aside an enema and tea bags for weight loss.So you just ruin digestion.Your body requires a lot of greenery and natural prebiotics, to prepare for the season of roughage - rich in vegetables and fruit fly.It is better to remove the excess fat from the diet, for example, give a neighbor the cat sausage and currently open jar of sauerkraut, grow on the window bed of parsley, and do not forget the yogurt.And be sure to brew tea from the hips, he will give you the nec

essary energy of Vitamin C in the early spring.

Volkov warned - March 8, Easter, Day of Cosmonautics and May holidays - not a reason to overeat.Most Russians on weekdays eat poorly and monotonous, but good "rip" in the holidays, and therefore simply can not lose a single gram.The body adapts to this style, and directly sends your mud pies and cakes to replenish fat.And as suffering from liver, and can not speak.It is because the majority of her compatriots, and gets on a hospital bed in the spring.Famous Russian nutritionist advises you to ... develop an individual strategy of behavior during the holidays.

    Let your rule will be "no more than one serving of high-calorie dishes for the holiday table."

Spring diet of American

But nutritionist expert American magazine ShapeSintiya Sass made a list of products that must necessarily be included in your diet in the spring:

• 200 grams of salmon, trout or mackerel (which mackerel, it is cheap) every day;
• 200 g of endive, cabbage and any of the fresh herbs you can find (the American has in mind the type of lettuce Lollo rosso, well, you can grow it at home on the window);
• 300 g berries rich in antioxidants - blueberries, blueberries, raspberries;
• 100 g of normal red beet, to help upgrade the blood;
• 30 g pecans

«List Sass' works well in two directions - higher spring suppresses appetite and feeds the body antioxidants, proteins and healthy fats.

Spring diet in English

certified nutritionist and expert in the fight against eating disorders Zoe Harkomb strongly recommends that you reject the spring of white bread, white rice and pasta made with white flour.These products contain gluten.And most people are allergic to it, without knowing it.It also happens that a person stops eating these foods, and immediately lose 3-5 kg ​​in weight, it is so much "water", he bears because of allergic edema.More Zoe advises you to replace whole milk to low-fat yogurt.Last improve the immune system, and you will not catch cold.But milk can also cause allergies.

Spring diet: your option

First of all, do not go on about the promoters are too low-calorie diet.You do not want to catch a cold and slow metabolism?Make yourself useful menu of spring products, plan a meal for the holidays, and lose weight with pleasure and benefit.Our approximate diet designed for 1,500 kcal and contains all the "spring developments."

  • morning: a glass of rosehip infusion with lemon slice.You can have a drink and a teaspoon of olive or flaxseed oil if a purgation have problems.
  • half an hour - Breakfast: 200 g of boiled buckwheat with a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice.You can sprinkle a little porridge and soy sauce, but it is better to sprinkle with parsley or dill, will help bring excess water.
  • After 3 hours - 1 cup of yogurt with fresh herbs, a large green apple
  • Dinner: 200 grams of fish or seafood salad of cabbage and greens, a baked potato with olive oil and dill, for dessert, take the frozen berries and whisk with a pear- will be a very sweet sauce, it can replace the jam;
  • Snack: Any fruit that you like and a little nuts, you can substitute fruit vegetable salad, if you want.
  • Dinner: 200 grams of sauerkraut with chicken breast, green, red beets, and, of course, broth hips and hibiscus.

Be creative, alternate dishes every time and try to give the usual porridge and cabbage new flavors using herbs.But instead of using hunger strikes walking - 10,000 steps in Spring City for weight loss and a nice complexion still has not been canceled!

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