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Kim Protasov diet - recipes and menus

Diet Kim Protasov known Israeli nutritionist Kim Protasov has developed a completely unique diet, aimed not so much at combating excess weight and centimeters, as a natural cleansing of the body, normalize the metabolism and functioning of all organs and systems.This diet menu for Protasov is diverse, far from the "hungry torture" and deprivation, which ensures the psychological discomfort.Protasov's diet recipes allow to combine diet with the active use of the gym as burn excess fat, but helps build muscle.

In fact, designed for 5 weeks, the diet Kim Protasov has a menu as much food as you physically can eat at any time.Instead, sit hungry and angry - bad!The basis of the ration of the first and second weeks make fresh fruits and vegetables in unlimited amounts, cheese, milk and dairy products is 5% fat, as well as boiled eggs (1 per day), which can be used both separately and prepare themsalads and snacks.The menu includes diet Protasov fluid intake - the more, the better the water - at least 2 liters a day, tea an

d coffee - as much as necessary, but without sugar.By

diet Protasov in the first week of the menu can include, for example, for breakfast - a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs and cheese (cut, mix, sprinkle with vinegar, prisolit) then bite a green apple.For dinner you can eat a salad of shredded carrots, cabbage and apples, washed down with a glass of 5% kefir.At lunch - another green apple.At dinner, treat yourself to a hearty snack enough cucumber with celery and cream cheese.You can not sleep in the "hungry" stomach?Then eat a third green apple with natural curds "assets".The following day the diet Protasov can contain recipes for other salads.For breakfast you can eat an egg with vegetables, washed down with green tea.Yogurt snack.At lunch - vegetable salad with cheese or flavored yogurt, apple.As a snack - apple, dinner - cheese with finely chopped apple.And so you can experiment endlessly, not that 2 weeks - simple and original recipes of the sea!

In Kim Protasov diet menu for the week of the 3rd to 5th much more diverse and already includes daily 300 grams of fish, poultry or meat (and this is in addition to cheeses, eggs, apples, vegetables and jelly).Now Protasov diet menu for every day of a dense, satisfying and nutritious, more familiar.Breakfast - salad, yogurt.Lunch - fish (salmon steak pour yogurt and sprinkle with thyme and bake in the oven in foil), tea.Dinner - yoghurt and cucumbers cold soup (Turkish cuisine).As snacking - the same three green apple per day.

At this stage, is added to the menu, and even porridge on the water (oatmeal fit perfectly), flavored with honey and fresh or frozen fruits and berries - it's breakfast.Lunch - salad.Dinner - grilled meat, marinated with onion and spices.Do not forget to eat yogurt, yogurt, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, the more that 5% will provide meals satiety.

As you can see, in your diet Kim Protasov daily menu is very diverse, and, thus, no hunger or thirst.Rather, he felt at ease the second week, you will literally force yourself to eat meat or egg.At the same time the desire to eat something sweet, butter just disappear.

menu in the diet Protasov is constructed in such a way as to:

  • completely eliminate from the diet of "ballast" carbohydrates,
  • withdraw toxins and activate metabolism.

As a result, those who were overweight, "melt" in the eyes after 3 weeks.This result is stable.