Rice Diet

Rice Diet Diet rice is popular because it uses a unique cleaning properties of this product.Wild rice diet, for example, is widely used in the Asian diet.

Rice can collect and display of intestinal toxins and salt, thereby relieving the body.Since people with overweight slags usually sufficiently, rice diet can play a positive role.Therefore, rice is widely recommended by nutritionists.

Diet rice are widely used in dietary their variations - a lot, but no matter what option you choose, use whole grain brown rice, it kept nourishing bran shell and seed layer, which contains B vitamins, folic acid, mineralsubstances: phosphorous, zinc, copper, iodine, cellulose.Preferred rice, steamed.

Steamed rice

Figure displays the salt from the body, so any version of the diet take potassium supplements to preserve the sodium-potassium balance.

«hard» option

on rice Can I lose weight?If you apply a rigid diet of rice - the result will be noticeable almost immediately.

How to cook rice for weight loss:

glass of rice to cook

and eat during the day in small portions, drink apple juice without sugar.

duration of the diet - from one day (rice fasting day) to three days.The one-day version can be repeated once a week, three days - not more than once a month.If a strong hunger for the day allowed to eat 2-3 apples, green is better not sweet.

"Hard" option

seven-day diet on rice

For a week on this diet you can give up to 3 kg of excess weight.

Repeat this diet can be every two months, not more.

  • 500 grams of rice per day to boil, it is better for a couple.
  • Add rice or a separate dish fish or lean meats, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, vegetables can be cooked broth.Weight of "additional" products (except rice) to 200 grams per day.
  • between meals, you can have a bite of fruit (up to 0.5 kg per day).
  • recommended to drink fresh juices (the best of green apples), leaf tea without sugar, better than green or herbal infusions, simple or non-carbonated mineral water.

The seven-day diet on rice

In addition to these conditions you are in no way limited to, any dish can be prepared, if desired, so the diversity of the menu depends on your imagination.Diet rice allow to lose weight without compromising the health and cleanse the body of toxins accumulated during the winter, and will develop the habit of a good nutrition.

recommend rice diet to cleanse the body

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