Diet 6 petals

Diet 6 petals This power system was developed by the Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson and based on the principle of alternation of one-component (mono) diets.Feedback from losing weight, diet, 6 petals allows you to lose weight on a daily basis 0,5-0,8kg.

Diet "six petals" are techniques

6 days - 6 mono-diet - 6 flower petals

six days a diet losing weight complies with 6 mono-diet, following strictly in a certain order:

1 tab - fish monodiet
2 petal- Vegetable monodiet
3 tab - chicken monodiet
4 petal - Cereal monodiet
5 petal - curd monodiet
6 petal - fruit monodiet

  • This power scheme - is compliance with the principles of separate power supply, since due to the ingestion of one component ofthe content of the products do not mix proteins with carbohydrates, so there is a splitting of fats.
  • largely contributes to weight loss is the monotony of food, as the body in anticipation of new products obtained digests food like in single and in search of additional energy is forced to use their own p
  • At the same time the body does not have time to get used to the food and go into power saving mode, typical multi-day mono-diet.Through the scheme of alternating protein-carbohydrate diet on weight, 6 petals out every day.

As the study by the European Centre for weight loss, mono-diet, which lasts no more than 25 hours, the most active helps burn excess weight.

feeling of hunger during this diet is not tested and it is much easier to carry than many of the suggested dietary restrictions.

Psychological based diet

its name 6 petal diet owes the idea, proposed by the author.

Anna Johansson argues that:
even the most effective program for weight loss will be inactive if the woman will bring discomfort and depression.

6 Radar diet for dieters it offers to draw a flower with six petals, which need to hang in a prominent place.
With the passage of each day can only write on the petal lost programs and tear him with pleasure.It should further be encouraged to lose weight and turn usually boring and difficult process of the game.

Note: those who have already lost weight on a diet ", 6 petals" hang recommend "diet" flower on the door of the refrigerator.

diet menu 6 petals

6 petals Diet is based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days.It is necessary to strictly follow the proposed scheme of alternating petals, otherwise the result will be.Diet menu for each day-lobe need to be guided by the following principles:

the first day of eating only fish used , the method of its preparation may be any if it can be called a diet.Therefore, the fish is not fried and cooked in a double boiler, oven or stew, is allowed to use the grill.The salt may be, but no frills, not to delay the excess fluid.You can eat fish broth, add spices and herbs.

second day diet 6 petals - carbohydrate.In the food are any vegetables boiled, raw, steamed.Use any even starchy potatoes, but without fanaticism.It is best to combine it with a composition of light vegetables, for example, a vinaigrette.Allowed to drink fresh vegetable juice, add salt, herbs and spices.

day alternates with carbohydrate protein .On the third day of the Swedish diet 6 petals should eat chicken breast without the skin, which can be baked in the oven, boil, simmer.Protein is digested easily and deposited in fat.Eat the chicken broth, add fresh herbs, spices and salt.

Fourth day diet - cereal.Accept any porridge , cooked in water, can be added to these herbs and a minimum of salt.It is also allowed to eat seeds, sprouts, corn bread, bran.Complex carbohydrates require more energy to digest them and go to the replenishment of glycogen expended by the body at the bottom of the protein.Drink water and unsweetened brew.

fifth day diet 6 petals Anna Johansson suggests eating yogurt, replenishes mineral reserves.Subject to the 5% threshold calorie fat cottage cheese is quite low and the body is forced to break down its own fat to function properly.You can drink milk.

and six - day fruit , a source of vitamins and minerals, you can use any fruit raw or baked form.Drink fruit juices, it is best to dilute them with water.Permission is granted to add cinnamon and vanilla.Diet 6 petals on day 6 ends.

    Many women ask what you can drink in the diet 6 petals?During the diet, 6 petals need to drink water, you can drink green or black tea, 1-2 cups of coffee a day.All drinks drink without sugar.

7 petal diet

For 7 day diet petals can start again from the first menu of the day or, if the 7th day falls on a holiday, it is better to arrange the boot day (read: why do we need cheating).

The second option, which is offered for slimming 7th tab in the diet - discharge (empty) day.

this day do not eat anything, drink only mineral water without gas and with low content of salt or drinking water.

version of the diet with 6 petals discharge day is to stick only if the previous 6 days you "load" amount of calories as much of your basal metabolic rate (calculated), and in the absence of intense training.

recommendations on the number of slimming products at 6 days, the petals:

1. 300-500 g of fish.the finished product;
2. Vegetables - 1-1.5 kg;
3. meat fillet - 500 g .;
4. porridge - 200 dry form;
5. cottage cheese - 500 gr .;
6. Fruit -1-1,5 kg.

How to get out of the diet, 6 petals

Exit 6 petals diet depends on your future plans, and if you plan on losing weight, you can take the long-term non-fasting balanced diet.

If you just want to fix the result, eat mostly the same products as in the diet, without limitation, by day, gradually increasing the caloric intake to 1400-1800 kcal, depending on weight and physical activity.It is advisable to continue to adhere to the principles of a separate food.

Contraindications diet "6 petals" can not be followed, if you have a disease in which to comply with the therapeutic or prophylactic food.

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