Fast diet

Diets for quick weight loss

diets for quick weight loss is commonly referred to restrictions in the diet for up to a week.Usually, fast diets promise that you will lose weight during this period of 2 - 5 kg.These disadvantages include primarily the fact that if a diet immediately after the return to the old diet, weight is likely to return quickly and, in the worst case - even with the "additive".

normal diet for quick weight loss (diet fast) used to lose weight quickly and effectively to any holiday, in order to "climb" in a beautiful dress.It is at such moments we usually ask, "how to lose weight fast and effectively?"

Naturally, in such a short period can not form new skills supply, and after the diet, not to return to the original weight, it is necessary to put a lot of extra effort.

We must remember that any fast diet - a serious "stress" for the body.Do not risk your health, if you have any medical conditions, a natural diet is contraindicated in pregnant and nursing mothers.

Diets for quick weight loss: how to choose

All different, all different eat, opportunities and idiosyncrasy products.Therefore, a diet can both help and hurt by reading the reviews, it is clear: any diet someone loses weight, some do not.

Ideal - choose the mode and diet only after consultation with a nutritionist, and if you have a chronic illness should definitely see a doctor.

options to lose weight quickly and effectively a lot, do not try to choose the option which you told a girlfriend or one of which you see a lot of positive feedback.The main criterion for selection should be allowed a set of products - namely, the maximum presence of foods that you love.For example, it is not necessary to choose the kefir diet if you do not like yogurt.Then it will be easier and stand, and easy to get out of it, keeping the result.

How to lose weight quickly and effectively

General recommendations to improve the efficiency of fast diets
Do not attempt to make the diet more rigid than it is.Remember, the fewer calories you consume, the more your body starts to fight back and slow down metabolism.And after, when a sharp increase in caloric intake, the body will try to put a maximum fat reserves.This particularly applies to diets that last a week or more.

If you want to look not only grown thin, but beautiful, remember that the body has to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals, virtually any diet allows, for example, add to the diet of greens.Drink extra vitamins.

During a diet drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water, the water can be replaced rather weak green tea, herbal infusions cleansing.This will help in a timely manner "to wash" the body.

Be sure to watch for the "chair", avoid constipation.

Diet - this is a serious burden to the body, be sure to need more rest.Moreover, lack of sleep itself can lead to excess weight.

Diet - this is a good time to learn to eat slowly and consciously, enjoy your meal and feel the taste of each piece.Teach your body to feel satiety, and in time to stop.

Try not to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Eat little and often.Especially this rule should apply after leaving the diet.When fractional power body will always produce energy, a power allows you to keep a high level of metabolism and control appetite.

By following these rules, you will not only lose weight quickly and effectively, but also to keep the new weight.

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