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How to lose weight and never get fat on their own

How to lose weight The history of weight loss site visitor sent Alphabet Diet Katyunya.

I have 3 years in a row all burst but without salt - such menus themselves head and share that much of the cheek brings goodies when I eat.Instead of sugar - stevia (100 times sweeter than sugar and tastier).Instead of salt - lemon, spices (cinnamon, pepper peppered a bit, etc.). kilograms of fresh ginger eat - delicious it is for me really, I do not understand why.

I weighed 80 kg (now the lean and I weigh 49 kg) I am 37 years old, look I'm 20 years old, no jokes all say so, even strangers - (10 years old sitting on all diets, kilograms return - it was torture).And when was the last time I wanted to lose weight do not bother diets - I just taught your body to eat properly and without salt (to product mix approach) - and eat everything from the belly barely up from the table go.

I do not do sports, I just sometimes run into the joy of the player in the ears of the stadium.Accustom me your body for it somewhere 5 months ran first 1

time in 2 weeks then most - breaking was - but when taught the body to ensure that the run is a steep Mouzon in the player, and this is very fun - then the recollection of running the body itself is torn tostadium.Another important thing is l-carnitine, which is in our body where the 10 mg - and buy it at the store and drink before exercise 1000 mg (this is useful not harmful) - it delivers fat into muscle making fat energy at a furious pace - grow thin andrunning almost do not feel tired and sweating like a horse.

And the fact that we are drawn to the goodies - it is elementary from the fact that the body remembers how she and other goodies delicious taste - and therefore requires the goodies - so wean give body to forget about these goodies and he'll then will not torment (body onlytake time) .- we hoisted and taught us how to experimental rats for salt and all sorts of goodies chemical that's all.

cute girls do not bother diet, all briefly - just learn to have everything without salt and sugar.

  1. Apples baked with stevia - a natural sugar, tea with cinnamon,
  2. fresh piece of trout on a pair pour fresh lemon, a delicious little piece - Eat 2-4 pieces, all you like, do not be afraid of fat in fish, ituseful, without salt, you will have sooooo fast working metabolism so that the fat in fish will only shine and make your skin gorgeous,
  3. Dried different (not candied) figs with green tea is very tasty,
  4. squid steamed - generalulopatsya can be as delicious,
  5. mini cabbage, well, so small,
  6. compote, sweet and delicious,
  7. compote hips - very tasty,
  8. fillet steamed chicken with figs - mmmmm I had some stomach rages yummy.

Yes, there is a sheet is not enough to enumerate my menu.I am after all these natural delicacies of the fact that people usually eat can not look disgusted.
Forgot to say, drink green tea.

Just accustom your body to slowly, but picking up his menu without salt which you like and write it, and guzzle not get fat.

more important in the same time to 12 am to go to bed at night and a glass of kefir fat content no matter what, the main thing that he was a shelf life of no more than 10 days.And try to eat at the same time - it is impossible to gnaw nuts, dried fruits - have super goodies for every woman that can be eaten without salt, you just have to find it, pick up, look all write in a notebook and do not give up.

And hand over the blood compatibility of products is one richer - is also a good thing.

soup squid provides a natural salt in the water, do not know how, but if you put in a vegetable soup squid that soup without salt is not distinguished - and delicious chills up.

And that your joy from short-term diet - it's temporarily live and kill himself by hunger strike and walk like this ever an evil vixen and hungry, this is not life, but without me, and you probably know it.

Nuts are high in calories - so forget it when you eat without salt metabolism your mad will, all will fly in the tunnel - eat nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, roasted, not fried, most importantly, without salt burst, if you want to, notFear - for yourself checked.

Do not put the goal to lose weight, and put the goal is to His Majesty the brain has forgotten how to taste with salt and eating all sorts of chemical goodies.

first 3 months the body will break down, scrape, to rebuild, and then your body so it will gain momentum in losing weight, you are in the mirror will be under your sons and daughters - I myself in such shock I stay, I have sometimes passport ask whenI want a dry wine to buy for the holiday (that I myself do not drink nearly 2 times a year is all).

Wrote, I hope, will open the eyes of someone, and it will help someone.

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