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How to lose weight at home

how to lose weight at home for a week How to lose weight and maintain weight loss results for all?This requires a balanced diet, support and advice of those who have passed this way, and those who lose weight with you.

And then to lose weight at home really , even if it is necessary to lose weight 10 kilograms or more, and for health doctors forbid exercise.

    We offer slimming popular diets, whose author is a nutritionist from Sweden, Anna Johansson - "6 petals."

power supply system based on the principle of alternation of mono-diet.
the recommended rate of slimming products in the diet every day:

1 day: fish 300-500 g of finished product;
Day 2: vegetables - 1-1.5 kg;
Day 3: meat fillet - 500 g;
Day 4: porridge - 200 grams dry;
Day 5: cottage cheese - 500 g;
Day 6: fruit -1-1,5 kg.

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