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The history of weight loss: Anna shed 23 kg in 2 months

our office received a letter from a reader of our website.Anna told us how she managed to lose 23 kg in 2 months.With the permission of Anna we publish here her story and hope that it will inspire many.

"My name is Anna, I'm 31.Since my childhood I was dense, but the older I become the more thick.What I have not tried diets constantly fails.

crawled the entire Internet, I stumbled on a diet "Spring": menu for 35 days.After reading it, I realized that she was right for me, as I like to rapid weight loss and it is not expensive and hard to produce.In the evening I rewrote a diet on a sheet and to this day she is always with me.I began the diet January 30 with weight 86 kg and height is 162, was top of the list at the end of the diet I was 74 kg.

After the first, perhaps five days, I felt light.Then somewhere half passed, I began to say you are thin, and I was cheered.From previous unsuccessful attempts, I learned a lesson that can not be weighed every day, because the first weight quickly leaves, an

d then in a moment will stand and will stand.And when that happens, I'm frustrated.

This time I weighed once a week and had a case, I got a week later, and in the balance as it is, but I'm not sorry, and went on, after waiting another week, I stood on the scales and saw much less4 kg.

All went well, diet is coming to an end, and the weight and become even smaller, but still wanted and even more so on that there were forces.After 35 days of diet as soon as the next day I started this diet again.It was a little hard, but I made herself.

Now my diet comes to an end, after 2 days the last day.I'm pleased with myself, though I have not yet perfect, but after a short pause, I'll start again this diet, my weight at 63 kg today.She helped me on all 200%!And, of course, the mistakes that I made at this time.

The most important bugs that can not be allowed (at least for me):

  • can not weigh every day, as if that did not want to
  • all holidays have to get round, they beckon, but worth the try-That tasty, and the diet is likely to have to say goodbye, so how hard myself to infringe on your diet again.

to diet and stand by until the need to set up very well, and everything will go smoothly.A person must sit on the diet, which he chooses for himself and consider whether he initially.I did it and I wish you success.And believe me, in the mirror Now I want to look, but before that there was no desire, no desire to buy new things constantly went in sportswear, which has the ability to stretch.

Now my goal - to save the result as long as I shall live without dieting.

But even most importantly, what this diet helped me - I stopped eating buckets.I learned how to load a single apple.I bought myself a small bowl, and now I will eat of it.

I wish you all the same results and even better !!! "

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