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Scientists: excess weight in salt is to blame ...

Scientists: excess weight in salt is to blame ... In the United States, dietitians have recently made an unexpected discovery.Through various experiments and studies, they found that the salt - the main enemy of all who wish to get rid of excess weight.Previously, other researchers found that salt together with spices irritating stomach wall, from which the person has a strong sense of hunger.Today's findings of American scientists also talk about the dangers of salt.

It became clear that if the use table salt more than 15 grams a day, it is a very negative impact on the metabolism.Excess salt can cause frequent need for water that results in edema.Swelling, in turn, increase the weight of a person about 5-7 kilograms, moreover, often manifest dyspnea.

However, nutritionists advise not to give up salt, so as not to have problems with the heart, and should just cut its consumption.

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