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Milk body upon drying

Milk body upon drying Everyone still remembers from childhood that milk builds strong bones and helps to grow faster, adds strength.For the bodybuilder useful properties such as not interfere.But how useful dairy products during the drying?Let's deal.
So milk - a natural product, which is produced by the mammary glands of mammals.According to statistics, most of the food consumed in the cow's secret, but there is also a goat, sheep, camel, and others. All this milk differ in composition.But the basis always is water (up to 88%) and fat (12%).In the first part of the present in dissolved form:

  • milk sugar;
  • minerals;
  • pigments;
  • water-soluble vitamins;
  • proteins.

second part contains fat globules, fat-soluble vitamins, hormones and enzymes.
Milk body upon drying

Can I drink milk during the drying of the body?

To understand whether the milk during the drying of the body, it is necessary to consider some scientific facts that describe the impact of this product on a muscle man.

  1. Milk protein has a complete amino acid composition, easy to
    digest and contains a large number of proteins bystroperevarivaemyh while loading the gastrointestinal tract is minimal.For example, 250 ml of whole contains 8 g of valuable proteins during drying can therefore half an hour after exercise drink a glass of low-fat milk, it will quickly recover muscles.
  2. product contains large amounts of calcium, which strengthens bone and muscle building.
  3. Lotion has the ability to hold water in the body, so after training saved water and nutrient balance.
  4. Product sensation of hunger due to the high content of fat and slow proteins.
  5. Dairy products during drying are useful because they contain the natural anabolic structured with special compounds - cytokines.These compounds cause the stem cells to regenerate muscle.But the large number of cytokines contained in fresh milk, during the heat treatment the percentage of the substance is significantly reduced.

Milk body upon drying

Can I drying body milk products

Dairy drying body are simply irreplaceable, but eating them is necessary in small quantities, because this natural product contains carbohydrates, even in small quantities.Also it is necessary to take into account that to feed on drying the body must be four or five times a day, but in small portions, so the metabolic processes proceed more quickly.If you eat one or two times a day, the body can absorb this food, as limited, and begin actively to store fat.

Drying the body: the menu for each day with milk

Before you sit down to a full diet for drying the body with dairy products must be the first week to make the introduction, delete all the flour and sweet, to increase the amount of protein and train yourself to eat four to five timesper day.
Milk body upon drying
Next menu daily menu might look like this:

  • first day.300 g fat-free yogurt, a glass of milk 0.5%, 300 g of boiled beef, 200 grams of cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage, 1 apple.
  • second day.2 eggs, a glass of milk, 200 grams of boiled buckwheat, 300 grams of lean fish sea, 1 orange, greens.
  • third day.Kefir with bran, 200 g of boiled rice, 300 grams of boiled chicken breast, pickled cabbage, greens, tomatoes.
  • fourth day.Oatmeal with milk, boiled beans, seafood, apples, bell peppers, carrots.
  • fifth day.200 g of cottage cheese, boiled egg, a glass of milk, 300 grams of boiled beef, low-fat fruit yogurt.
  • sixth day.Kefir with bran, 200 g of buckwheat, roasted sea fish, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs, glass of milk.
  • seventh day.Canned peas, 300 grams of boiled beef, 2 eggs, 1 apple, a cup of yogurt.