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Larisa Guzeeva she lost 38 kilograms: as an actress it?

Larisa Guzeeva she lost 38 kilograms: as an actress it? Actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva lifetime famous for excellent figure.By nature prone to excessive thinness, it is, on the contrary, has always sought to gain weight.Her joy knew no bounds when after the birth of a daughter in 40 years, she finally recovered on 10 kg and the weight no longer leave. But her excitement was short-lived: the age and hormonal changes associated with childbirth, finally took its toll.The actress became slowly but surely recover.A tendency to strive for lifetime weight gain has played a cruel joke: the actress could not give up your favorite foods, sweets and delicious bread, which she loves to bake herself.The physical load is the actress does not accept or even consider them harmful to health.How Larisa Guzeeva thin as much as much as 38 kg without diet and exercise?

Larisa Guzeeva she lost 38 kilograms: as an actress it?

Larisa Guzeeva How thin?Reveals the secret of the actress

As the star managed to lose weight and how to lose weight Larisa Guzeeva to this day?

Guzeeva lost weight by 38 kg and used for this si

mple way, which invented herself: she cut portions in half.But do it wisely.She did not give up favorite foods and still eat almost anything he wants.But is used to eating special dishes: it must be deep and small size.View full dish sends a signal to the brain that there are no restrictions on food.After the meal, there is a feeling that you have just eaten a plate full of delicious and favorite dishes.A stomach that feeling is easily confirmed.After all, in fact, to experience the feeling of satiety, rather very small amount of food.As a rule, overeating is a purely psychological reasons.So well-known host of "deceiving" your stomach and lose weight without harm to health, getting all the necessary vitamins and substances needed by the body.

Larisa Guzeeva thin.How did she do it?Another secret

Larisa Guzeeva she lost 38 kilograms: as an actress it?

important condition for weight loss with the right utensils Larisa Andreevna said her aesthetic.She tries to set the table nicely.Dishes Use colorful, bright-painted ornaments and flowers.In short, the dishes for a meal, according to the stars, should delight and cheer up.Only then the diet will not cause despondency, due to limitations.And, of course, a positive mental attitude is important in general, as well as the passion of the creative work.Then the craving for food is lost, and lose weight easily.

As Larisa Guzeeva thin: especially diet

Though the actress and dislikes are no restrictions and strict regulations for food, some of the principles in the diet, it still adheres to:

  • First, Larissa Andreyevna to give up smoking.This not only helped her to look better and younger and feel better.
  • Secondly, the actress claims that out of your life you need to completely eliminate alcohol: even a glass of wine at the banquet table will provoke increased appetite.
  • Third, Guzeeva adheres to the principles of tasty and healthy food, prefer fresh food, home-cooked food.And instead of dinner can sometimes be useful to do and a glass of kefir.

Compliance with these principles is quite soft power, positive attitude to himself and to the world, enthusiasm for the creative work allowed the actress to return to the form and quickly get used to the new way of eating.After all, if afford to eat everything, but in small quantities, the stomach is reduced over time, and the need for more food quietly eroding.

Here are some successes achieved actress, observing simple principles of nutrition.

Larisa Guzeeva thin: before and after photos can be seen in this article.

Larisa Guzeeva she lost 38 kilograms: as an actress it?