This September on ABC: Editorial

I have always believed that the fall - this is not the withering of nature, it is a triumph.Neither time of year does not give the morning of the clean and fresh air filled with the scent of fallen leaves.And no time of the year does not give such pleasure from the new cases, anticipation of change that is about to change everything - and, of course, for the better.For me, this autumn special.It is full of things more than usual - at the wording of the ABC Diet ambitious plans for the coming months.Our site offers a big change, and you - surprises.

And yet only in September, and in September we will talk about new ways to conquer the world with its beauty.Reveal the secret of eternal youth and slimness of the great Maya Plisetskaya, this fragile beauty with unyielding character.We visit Italy, a country where they eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for some reason do not get fat.Sign up for a water aerobics, try different types of massage, test the new beauty products for correction and o

nce again discuss the proven old dispel myths about fast weight loss with the help of miracle products.And, of course, new diet, new recipes, new ways of losing weight - it all ABC plans for September.And you are sure to share with us his - here in the comments or in our group.

Well, just - Hello and welcome!My name is Maria, I'm editor of the ABC diet.Stay with us this September!

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