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In Kazakhstan, dealing with the issue of childhood obesity

In Kazakhstan, dealing with the issue of childhood obesity World problem of excess weight among people more and more gains in scale and in Kazakhstan.In this state, as in many others, often obesity shortens a person's life for about 10-12 years.In addition, children are also exposed to the enormous risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

In September, Kazakhstan held a special training seminar, which addressed issues concerning the prevention and treatment of obesity and other related diseases.Participants of the event were experts from the WHO and Iveta Pudule Joao Brad.Experts pointed out that in the near future will be engaged in the fight against this disease at the state level, as a pilot region in the country will be the Aktobe region, which recorded a considerable number of children and adolescents are overweight.

Results of research scientists suggest that obesity has already reached high levels.According to WHO experts, more than half the deaths are somehow related to obesity or cardiovascular disease.

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