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How to prevent the development of diabetes during pregnancy

How to prevent the development of diabetes during pregnancy Scientists from the United States during the study learned how during pregnancy to prevent the risk of developing diabetes.Results of a large-scale studies have been published in the edition of the British Medical Journal.Experts have made the collection of data from the medical records of more than 12 000 women living in the United States.Data were collected over the last 25 years.The purpose of the experiment - to find out the reasons for the increased risk of the disease and methods of treatment and prevention.

researchers carefully analyzed all factors that could affect the development of gestational diabetes: they are overweight, and diet, smoking and alcohol, and physical activity level.It became clear that women with excess weight before pregnancy may be at risk of health consequences of their future baby.When a woman is pregnant, her body is extremely hard to find the right amount of insulin, which in turn increases the level of sugar in the blood.Therefore, there is a risk that the child wi

ll be too full of women suffer from obesity and type two diabetes.

Summing up, US researchers isolated three highly desirable rules for a successful pregnancy: the woman should not smoke, constantly exercise and have a healthy weight.

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