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Drying of the body for men for a month

Drying of the body for men for a month drying body for men for a month - it is the safest approach to the fight against body fat.It is believed that this is the optimal length of time for the body to adapt to a new diet and rhythm training.Therefore, it is necessary to know how to go to the top of the drying and how to build your meals at the same time.

What is the drying of the body for men to 1 month

now considered to be drying normal diet.Anyone who wants to start doing sports, proceeds to starvation, because it supposedly will help get rid of excess fat.But drying the body to men for a month - this is not a banal hunger strike or refusal of certain products.This is a complex, which includes a properly fitted and products, and a balanced diet, and a certain routine.Also, do not forget about exercise, which will support the body in good shape.
Drying of the body for men for a month
Thus, drying the body for men to 1 month require the use of certain products that contain a minimum amount of carbohydrates.Myth should be considered that it is necessary to give up entirely

on the food that contains fat.They must be present in the foods you eat, so the body had to draw energy from.
As mentioned above, continue to play sports.Do not stop the training, because it will lead to sagging skin, and, moreover, serious failure may occur in the body.And you will continue to be difficult to start doing to build mass.
Drying of the body for men for a month

Feeding habits of men in drying the body for a month

There are a few tips that you need to follow all the men who wanted to sit on such a diet.Adhering to these simple rules, you can avoid the unpleasant consequences of improper drying:

  • crushes their food for several meals.Try to eat about six times a day, while eating a small amount of food.Because of this, the body will be able to process products and improve metabolism.And this is a direct way to lose excess fat.
  • clearly define the time power.Eat on time, so that the body used to work during this period.
  • Use of the program and table to count your calories.This will help you adjust your diet according to your weight.
  • Semis, pastries, sugar - it's all empty calories that only "clog up" the body and stops the process of losing weight.Try to give up these foods completely, at least for the drying time.
  • When a drying body for the month, a man badly needed extra energy before training.Eat more fruits or vegetables.
  • Do not be afraid to use supplements and protein drinks during drying.This will support your muscle mass and facilitate her set in the future.

Drying of the body for men for a month

super spin body for men in the past month

We offer you a ready menu painted by week.This super spin body to men for a month will be able to remove all excess body fat and properly prepare the body to stress for a set weight.

  1. first week is considered preparatory.Be sure to exclude the use of sweet, pastry, cakes.In the morning, you need to "charge" the body with complex carbohydrates for dinner equalize carbohydrates and protein 1: 1, and in the evening - only protein.
  2. Dining second week should be focused on low-fat dairy products, cereals, bran and chicken meat.You can eat and beef, but not necessarily skin.
  3. third week need to reinforce vegetables.We do not exclude dairy and dairy products, bran.Add the fish and drink boiled meat.
  4. final fourth week diet contains a boiled egg, chicken and greens.We continue to use bran.

We hope that these tips will help men effectively carry out the drying of the organism in the past month.

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