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Hernia of the esophagus - a diet and corrective recovery methods

If the hernia of the esophagus - a reality of your body, to cure her diet, medications, herbs and potions will not happen.The only way to get rid of it - it's surgery. But since this trouble occurs in humans is not at once, respectively, there are reasons that create the conditions for its formation.The reasons are different.For example, high-pressure in the gastrointestinal tract, which affects the esophageal wall and respectively formed mechanical injury latter.Or part of chronic constipation and bowel obstruction.

That is, as the doctors say, should be treated no consequence and cause.It was at this time a hernia of the esophagus, or rather its condition, it is necessary to correct the different diets.Add that in the adjustment process must be removed from the diet foods that cause irritation.

Power hernia esophageal

What should pay attention:

  • should be completely excluded from the menu of beverages containing gas.This not only carbonated water, mineral water and the gas, and champagne.
  • yeast flour and bakery products to reduce consumption, and in some cases give the best overall.
  • Or consider and legumes, nuts, seeds, and even bran.
  • Priplyusuem apples, fresh and pickled cabbage, citrus fruits, beets and sour berries.Pickles, pickles, too, can not eat.
  • also add sausage, fatty bacon, sausages, grilled meat and fried potatoes and coarse cereals.

As you can see, diet hernia of the esophagus is sufficiently rigid, a large number of products are canceled, which means that the menu is sharply reduced to a minimum.Frankly, this is just a small list of what you can not eat at the Esophageal hernia.The list is quite extensive, as the basis of all food - are products that have a shielding effect.They must become the means by which normalizes the process of digestion.This absence of constipation, what and seek to apply the diet.

What can have esophageal hernia

  • Any cereals except rice.They are required to tenderize with the addition of a larger amount of water, about half as much.Butter in small amounts is allowed to add, but from sugar and spices should be abandoned, since these ingredients for splitting require more acid.So, certainly will burp, which is undesirable in the esophageal hernia.
  • use in the diet of dairy products is in doubt, there is the opinion of doctors differ dramatically.Someone recommends these products for use without any restrictions, someone on the contrary, warns that you can not use them at all.
  • chicken and fish should be present in the patient menu, only boiled form.Especially recommended to make mincemeat of them, and then cook something steamed or boiled.
  • The same goes for meat.It should be lean, scrolled.The best option - it's meatballs or patties steamed.Breading, breadcrumbs and flour should not be used in this case.
  • Soups only mashed.
  • Fruits and Vegetables.Their use can be, but not in large quantities and in the form of boiled or as a mash.If it's apples and pears, you'll have to get rid of the skin, and it is good to bake them.By the way, prescribed for such patients to eat bananas - excellent menu, satisfying and gentle.
  • But from the tea and coffee should be abandoned entirely.
  • postoperative best to keep a liquid diet.Well suited broth, vegetable broths, soups feeble.


So, esophageal hernia - a serious disease that should be treated operational way.But in any case, a diet - it is the right way to reduce the risk of disease.And if this disease still occurred, it is necessary to consult a physician to adjust the power and preparing for the operation.As practice shows, it is not very difficult, so there is no reason to be afraid.