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Tablets for weight gain man

Tablets for weight gain man Many men and boys suffer from a lack of weight, they want to gain muscle weight and look beautiful.To do this, they often resort to food additives, but I doubt if they will not cause harm to the body.The modern pharmaceutical industry offers several types of drugs to solve the problem of lack of weight.Tablets for weight gain man should be taken after a thorough analysis of your diet and identify which ones of nutrients in it is not enough.

hormonal pills for weight gain

When using these drugs need to be extremely cautious and to avoid uncontrolled consumption of which can harm the body.After hormonal tablets often used to gain weight quickly and in significant amounts, and in the treatment of some diseases associated with a change in the hormonal balance.Assign these drugs be sure to consult a doctor, and after passing tests for testosterone levels in the blood.Do not self-medicate, and it is important to remember the side effects of such therapy, which can be as follows:

  • androgenic alopecia;
  • oppression of its own production of sperm and hormones;
  • increased risk of developing cancer of the prostate gland;
  • appearance of acne and the appearance of oily skin.

The most common name for a tablet weight gain - Cyproheptadine, Andriol, chlorpromazine, Peritol.The latter is also a calming effect on the human psyche.
Tablets for weight gain man

Chinese pills for weight gain

For those who want a safe way to increase the weight, and it is muscle, not fat, to get help from the Chinese tablets for bulking.These tools are developed by traditional healers and are based on plant extracts, which will not only help solve the pressing issue with the weight, but also strengthen the immune system, allow to move heavy exercise.This is achieved by stimulating the necessary organs and systems.One of these drugs is Ginseng Kianpi Pil.It consists of the following components:

  • ginseng;
  • Chinese Cordyceps;
  • or angelica Angelica sylvestris;
  • girchovnik brilliant;
  • multiflorous knotweed;
  • codonopsis forest;
  • antlers in dried form (young deer horns);
  • Bacopa Magnier;
  • istoda fine-leaved;
  • Eucommia vyazovidnaya;
  • Japanese Dioscorea.

Tablets for weight gain man

What are some ways you can gain weight quickly?First of all, tablets and injections.

order to recover quickly, it is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively.To begin with you should pay attention to the amount consumed calories, diet, the composition of the daily diet.Well established brewer's yeast in the form of tablets for rapid weight gain.This feature stabilizes the body's metabolism, increases appetite and can be used both before and after a meal.Taking yeast, should pay attention to is the increase in mass, not fat.Many hormones are presented in different types of support testosterone levels such as:

  • gels and ointments;
  • patches;
  • capsules and tablets;
  • subcutaneous implant;
  • injection.

Tablets for weight gain man
injections are most often used when androgen deficiency and can be traditional with frequent use and with sustained effect, ie,when a single injection lasts for a long period.There are also natural cocktails, reducing muscle mass and containing in its composition proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

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