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Weight loss for men from 100 kg

Weight loss for men from 100 kg For a start it is worth noting that the weight of more than 100 kg in males it is a problem not only physical but also psychological.Man must control his desire to follow the diet and not overeat or eat unhealthy foods.If you are reading this article, therefore, the first step has been taken , and you will cope with the problem, one has only to persevere.Do not expect too rapid results, overweight is much easier than get rid of it.

weight more than 100 kg in men: the beginning of solving the problem

you should understand that for best results, better adjust itself not a temporary diet, and lifestyle changes.Even if you choose an effective diet and lose weight quickly, then the very high chance that you will break over and dial again.
Slimming man weighing 100 kg is important not only proper diet and exercise, and daily walks in the fresh air, good mood and determination.
Weight loss for men from 100 kg
set yourself small goals and enjoy the achievement of each of them.Motivation result will help you believe in yourself and real

ize the dream of a beautiful body.

Weight 100 kg: how to lose weight man overweight

Diet for men who weigh 100 or 130 kg, has no differences.In any case, you will need to gradually reduce the amount of food consumed.Particular emphasis is on gradual!You do not need to starve yourself and exhausting workouts.To eat is 5-6 times a day in small portions, after some time, the volume of the stomach will be reduced and you will be less hungry.
should not categorically give up your favorite foods, sometimes you can treat yourself to something tasty, but in small quantities.
Weight loss for men from 100 kg
Drink plenty of water, juice and yogurt - the liquid in the time it removes the feeling of hunger.
Diet for men who are 40 years of age have a weight of about 140 kg, should include plenty of fruits, as well as nutrients that are contained in:

  • fish,
  • nuts,
  • broccoli,
  • tomatoes,
  • dog rose,
  • raisins,
  • cereals,
  • dairy products.

last meal should not be later than two hours before bedtime.

Exercise for weight loss from 100 to 80 kg for men

Oversized men is quite possible to lose weight while working out at home.Physical exercise should be directed to:

  • burning of adipose tissue;
  • muscle strength training;
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system.

duration of exercise to strengthen the heart and blood vessels should start with 10 minutes a day and gradually increase to 40. This can be walking, cycling, and then run.
to burn fat very efficiently to jump on the rope, while also catching up all the muscles.
Weight loss for men from 100 kg
Here is a sample lesson plan for weight loss for men who weigh more than 100 kg.They should be three times a week to engage in strength training:

  1. 1 day: the load on the shoulders and arms.Curls with dumbbells, extension arms with dumbbells while standing in the slope, breeding Hand in hand shoulder.
  2. Day 2: exercises on the press and legs pumping.The rise of the housing for the press and the rise of the upper leg muscles for the lower press, squats with weights for calves, thighs to slowly squat from a standing position with a half-bent knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor.
  3. Day 3: engage your back muscles and chest.Push-ups 10 times with their fists, narrow and wide grip.Alternate lifting dumbbells while standing tilted forward will strengthen the back.Lying on his back on the bench, elbows hands with dumbbells behind your head and slowly lower your hands to your chest, bend without changing hands.

Exercises should be done 10 times each, beginning with a gradual increase in load every week.
Every morning is doing light exercises and stretching exercises - it will help energize and get used to a new lifestyle.

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