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Effective and useful stretching exercises: use, contraindications, video tutorials

Effective and useful stretching exercises: use, contraindications, video tutorials Gymnastics stretching is one of the fascinating sports when the gym come tired and not ready for training (especially after a hard day at work) and perhaps even not in the best frame of mind, but work out of this physical practice again I feel a surge of strength, courage, self-confidence and, consequently, goes home a fun, relaxed, and set up for a positive note!

Today we'll talk about this interesting form of sports training - gymnastics stretching.At the same time find out whether there are contraindications, some basic rules you need to remember before you do this, reviews of stretching and video tutorials demonstrate how to train efficiently and with great benefit to your health.

benefits of stretching sessions

  1. Improved posture.Classes help develop and improve the flexibility of the body graceful movements gait.
  2. Prevention hypokinesia, osteoporosis, strengthen bones
  3. constantly busy stretching, pilates and body can be compared with a massage, which makes for a long time experienced.It is k
    nown that stretching relaxes the muscles, but it increases their tone.
  4. Training is very useful not only for the young girls, but also for older women.In a more "gentle" version (passive stretching) Stretching helps with severe pain associated with various causes.
  5. yoga stretching - this kind of exercise helps get rid of excessive relief athletes to beginners.
  6. PMS, monthly - will help eliminate the pain is the same stretching.
  7. minimum of contraindications, which we describe below.

Effective and useful stretching exercises: use, contraindications, video tutorials


  • Serious diseases of the spine
  • joint diseases
  • Injuries
  • Cancers
  • heart and vascular diseases
  • Hypertension
  • postoperative
  • Infections
  • At high body temperature is also undesirable to engage

In all other cases, stretching exercises not only possible, but also need to practice, as it is undeniable benefits.

What are species

  • stretching Active stretching - is when the training process is controlled only by you and no one else.
  • Passive Stretching - you almost do not tense up, and the coach helps you to do stretching.
  • dynamic stretching - perhaps not the easiest species.Its essence lies in the fact that you need to take some difficult gymnastic pose and stay in this position for 5-10 seconds.It is recommended for pregnant women (of course, take into account the training and individual characteristics).
  • static version - simple method of stretching: it is necessary to hold some poses about a minute.
  • Ballistic views.Only for experienced athletes.You need to have quite a developed body.

Tips for Beginners: a set of exercises at home

Effective and useful stretching exercises: use, contraindications, video tutorials
Here are some useful guidelines and rules, how best to do exercise at home and thus to derive maximum benefit, not harm:

  1. First of all, be sure to do warm-upexercises in order to warm up all the muscles well.The most optimal workout - aerobic.
  2. do not need to try to do everything at once.This is the wrong approach.By the purpose is to go gradually, slowly, because in this case the risk of injury is minimal, and the end result will please long.
  3. Council stretch marks: hold position should be only until the discomfort.As soon as I feel discomfort - you need to relax as much as possible!
  4. Breathing should be no delay: quiet, smooth and deep.
  5. important to regularly stretching, and then the results will be much earlier.
  6. body should be during each exercise in a stable position.

feedback sessions, slimming

Effective and useful stretching exercises: use, contraindications, video tutorials
Stretching helps prevent cellulite and promotes weight loss - this shows a considerable number of comments women practicing this type of fitness.

Video - stretching for beginners

suggest you watch the video tutorials that will help you in a short time to learn this wonderful sport.

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