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Stomach cramps

Stomach cramps Temporary contraction of smooth muscles of the stomach, which provokes a dull ache, known as stomach cramps.Pain can last from a few minutes to several hours or even days.Because today it is difficult to identify the true causes of stomach cramps, accordingly, difficult to doctors assign both treatment and prevention.

Causes stomach cramps

stomach cramps are an interesting character, because with functional disorders of the work gastric mucosa there are no violations of the stomach or the wall.Basically stomach cramps susceptible adults as disruption of the digestive tract is the result of stress or metabolic disorders.

What are stomach cramps?

There are two types of stomach cramps:

  • organic;
  • functionality.

mainly in adults appear organic stomach cramps.It occurs in most cases based on existing gastrointestinal disease.They have a connection to the organic nature of the stomach, resulting in the formation of various types and disorders.

functional spasms arise from disorders of the nervous

system or the metabolism, and they are more vulnerable young people.

In this case, the cause is rather difficult, but the emergence of functional stomach cramps may affect the use of medicines, food allergy, and so on. D.
Stomach cramps


as symptoms of stomach cramps appears dull cutting pain in the areastomach.She is accompanied by unpleasant sensations and feelings of discomfort.

you may experience nausea or vomiting desires.Since the stomach cramps characterized by contraction of smooth muscle, the patient can be difficult to straighten.

How to cure stomach cramps

Despite the fact that the cause of the disease is quite difficult to identify, many doctors have created a specific approach to the treatment of stomach cramps.All activities are aimed at the most to alleviate the patient's condition.
patient who turned to stomach cramps, is thoroughly diagnostics to determine the cause of the disease.For pain relief can be assigned antispasmodic drugs that cropped and attenuate pain.These include pills shpy or spazmalgona.
If during the diagnosis was diagnosed gastritis or ulcer disease character, then the patient may be given a comprehensive approach to treatment.
Stomach cramps


For relief of pain the patient must stick to a diet.It is intended to exclude from the diet the following products:

  • roughage;
  • freshly baked bread;
  • grilled or smoked dishes;
  • sharp, salty, acidic foods;
  • very hot or too cold meals;
  • animal fats;
  • alcohol;
  • products containing caffeine, such as tea, coffee, etc..

On average, it is necessary to maintain the diet for 3 months.Food is necessary to take small meals 5-7 times a day.Before going to bed is useful to drink a glass of milk a little fat.

Sometimes relief of pain associated with stomach cramps may use traditional medicines.


In order to avoid problems with the gastric mucosa, it is best to stop smoking, frequent and copious drinking, eat right.Under proper nutrition implied rejection of fat and smoked foods, as well as the minimum drinking caffeinated beverages.

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