Exercise for Weight Loss

Breathing Strelnikova: useful exercise for weight loss

Breathing Strelnikova slimming and not only Strelnikova Breathing exercises have become popular not so long ago, when it became clear that they can be used for weight loss.Moreover, the Strelnikova and did not think about such an effect created by her gymnastics.Initially Strelnikova gymnastics - it exercises for voice recovery.Only with time has been proven and other benefits of breathing exercises. now scientifically proven beneficial effects of breathing Strelnikova for:

  • ventilation;
  • improve circulation;
  • correcting curvature of the spine and chest.
  • training almost all muscles of internal organs, which contributes to the improvement of the whole body physically and emotionally.

Breathing Strelnikova slimming and not only

What is the essence of breathing Strelnikova?

main principle underlying this technique - a sharp breath nose up to the use of the diaphragm and passive natural exhale through the mouth.To understand how it is possible to combine, we recommend you see the video, which demonstrates the correct exercises breathing exercises Strelnikova.After the initial review

, and you can do these exercises to perform: Believe me, there is nothing difficult.
Breathing Strelnikova slimming and not only

Breathing exercises Strelnikova

So, if you decide to engage on this technique, you must learn several basic exercises.
The first day of class use only this:

  1. palm.Standing, bend your elbows, palms pointing up.Very inhale nose four times without interruption.This palm squeeze.Exhale all the exercises - the natural, through the mouth.Rest 5 seconds.Repeat 24 times.
  2. epaulettes.Clenches his fists, leaning against them to the stomach.Inhale 8 times.At this time, hands down sharply unbend.Exhale.5 seconds rest.We run 12 times, as in the following cases.
  3. pump.Limbs are omitted.Lean forward 90 degrees.In parallel with the slope - a strong breath.Finished tilt - over breath.Extensor - you can exhale.

Then add one exercise every day.

  1. Cat.Brushes at the level of thighs, palms turned to the floor.Feet on the floor do not interrupt!Getting Started: slightly crouching, rotate the torso to the right.At the same time - a sharp breath.Returning to the starting position - exhale.Without rest as well - to the left.
  2. hug the shoulders.The elbows are at shoulder level.A strong breath and at the same time dramatically crosses his arms, hugging herself shoulders.Exhaust air from the lungs, spreading his hands.
  3. Large pendulum.Leans forward.Parallel to breathe.Erectile - exhale.Sag back, hugging the shoulders and arms - a breath.In the starting position - exhale.
  4. heads turn.Turn right - inhale.Without dwelling - to the left, inhale.In between breaths.Neck relaxed.
  5. Ears.Breathe.Tilt your head to the back and exhale nose.Then in the opposite direction.
  6. pendulum head.Inhaling, tilts his head to his chest.Exhale, throwing back her back.
  7. rifts.Left foot slightly forward and straight.Right - back.Back - exactly.Lean his body on the left foot first, then move to the right sock, a little curtsey.All - at the same time breath.Slowly return.
  8. Steps.Standing raise bent leg at the waist straighten it, on the other - squat.We carry it on inspiration.Exhaling, I certainly.

Breathing Strelnikova slimming and not only

How to lose weight with the help of breathing exercises?

In fact, the benefits of gymnastics Strelnikova in terms of weight loss is not so great.Rather, it odnoyu wishing to get rid of extra pounds is not enough.But when combined with other methods and procedures, then - yes!The bottom line is that the breathing exercises Strelnikova, as already noted, vigorously improve blood circulation.So - at an accelerated pace burn fat.In addition, performing them in the morning on an empty stomach in the fresh air, we develop all the muscles of the body and program themselves to a healthy lifestyle.In short, food stuffs then simply do not want to.Try it!

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