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Chinese diet pills "Bomb"

Chinese Bomb Chinese drug "bomb" - a sensation, embarrass a fine half of mankind.Sellers of this drug promise that their tool helps to lose weight fast, easy and suitable for everybody. They are especially suitable for women, because they work on specific areas where fat deposits form more often.

How does it work?

«bomb» - this is not a medical drug for weight loss, it merely supplements produced in China.Rumor has it that the tablets have passed clinical trials and have been found to be effective for weight loss, but this information was not confirmed.So it's just a dietary supplement to the food in the supernatural properties of which are not worth believing.In addition, the "bomb" is not sold in pharmacies, it can be purchased exclusively online stores or from private vendors.

Chinese pills for fat burning bomb

course of the drug "Bomb" lasts 30 days, the promised results - more than 10 kilograms of weight lost.Vendors claim that the diet does not need to comply with one tablet a day, drunk before breakfast, will do all the work for you.

Moreover, there can be whatever they want, there is absolutely no restrictions.However, it is believed that the "bomb" does not speed up the metabolism of your body, and vice versa, a negative influence on them by suppressing the appetite.So you need to choose rationally to the issue of weight loss and as the primary means to choose a diet to lose weight.A pleasant consequence of the use of the drug "Bomb" - the absence of hunger.Observing the rules of power, you will not suffer because of it and dream of biscuits and chocolates with tea as a snack.

Composition of Chinese pills "Bomb»

manufacturers do not hide the structure, and all that you see below is really stated on the label of the drug.

According to the manufacturer, the effect of weight loss in the use of "bombs" due to the amazing main active ingredient - "fat burning genes" of vegetable origin.Due to this, not only consumers, but also the association for the protection of animals will be happy.However, it is clear that it is absolutely implausible.

So part:

  • L-carnitine
    This provitamin known as a fat burner.We also know about it and what it does not work autonomously, only in combination with aerobic exercise.The result - a slight change in fat metabolism.
  • Kapastsiin
    Simply put, it is an extract of cayenne pepper, has also long been familiar to all losing weight.He did a few accelerates metabolism, but can cause severe allergies, increase appetite.

  • extract plantain Plantain leaves are used in folk medicine as a natural antiseptic and immunomodulatory drug.So perhaps the presence of the extract of plantain in these tablets will protect you from the cold.

  • extract Brazil nut Brazil nut is often a component of low-calorie diets as a source of healthy fats, but its effect on appetite or the rate of metabolism has not been proved.
  • Vitamins C and E vitamins
    data have antioxidant properties, but does not affect the metabolism and fat burning.
  • extract Fructus Canarli
    A snack - an obscure "tropical fat burning" a fruit not mentioned in any reference plants.

So we dismantled the part of the Chinese diet pills "Bomb" and realized that they were unlikely to benefit greatly and show a really good result.Choosing to do, of course, to you, but think about whether you really want to take the drug with unknown composition and unpredictable effect?No need to fall for the bait of advertising tricks, think about your health, because the consequences of receiving "bomb" can be anything.It should be remembered also that in bioadditives manufactured in China is not detected once, or prohibited in Russia generally harmful chemicals.

Reviews of preparation "Bomb" on the network can see the variety of how enthusiastic and negative.It argued that the rave reviews - it's part of an advertising promotion of the drug and leave their managers receive for each review a fee.They can not read.Negative reviews selling these drugs are unlikely to pay, so they can pay attention to.In particular, the ones we know about the lack of appetite after taking the drug, the growing weakness and nervousness about emerging gastritis and ulcers, about the lack of vitamins and mineral trace elements and many other problems.

We do not recommend to buy pills "Bomb slimming!"In addition to the questionable composition and unpredictable effect you come up with overpriced (tool can be purchased for US $ 40 and above), a negative review, loud and incredible advertising.

Chinese Supplements Girls, do not risk your health, do not waste your money on a vehicle, not giving any guarantees.We believe the best sports and nutrition have nothing!Be healthy!

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