Exercise for Weight Loss

Treadmill weight loss

How to lose weight on a treadmill Running has always been and remains one of the main tools for proper weight loss, because not only helps burn extra kilograms, but also keeps in tone muscles of the body, making weight loss harmonious.Now, to jogging, there is no need even to go somewhere: the treadmill will allow you to train right at home.

How to choose a treadmill

If you decide to buy the treadmill, you should determine the suitable option of the simulator.First, deal with the type of the track, as it can be mechanical or electrical.The mechanical version of this device as an additional effect inflates the legs during class, because it is driven by the feet canvas.Actually weight loss is the best one for electric treadmill, which pumps the legs and not effectively fight fat.When selecting
buying pay attention to the presence of a variety of modes - for example, the mode of resistance, the belt and the other at an angle, for periodic load change will give a much better effect than the normal run.
How to lose weight on a treadmill

training on a treadmill to l
ose weight

benefits of treadmill is undeniable, but to get the desired effect you need to know how to use the simulator.To begin with, it is desirable to run at about 4-5 times a week, leaving a few days to recover muscle.Each session should last at least an hour, even for beginners is permissible to reduce this time.Start with less time, gradually increasing to 1 hour.
How to lose weight on a treadmill
should adhere to such regulations workout on a treadmill:

  1. Before you start the course and after the drink a glass of water.While walking the body to lose fluid, so water is recommended to drink water during the entire class - then avoid dehydration.
  2. You must first warm up the muscles - a quarter of an hour to walk around the running web, including low speed.
  3. Now you can increase the speed and the load - to start the run.Thus it is necessary to keep a flat posture, slightly retract the stomach, straighten the chest and shoulders.Hands should be bent at the elbow and move them both during normal running.
  4. go right.To put the foot on the canvas should be as follows: first the heel, then roll to the front of which is necessary to force a start for the next step.Hands move from the waist to the chest and back.
  5. concluding exercise, reduce your speed and then proceed to step to normalize heart rhythm and avoid muscle pain.

How to lose weight on a treadmill

Walking on a treadmill for weight loss

Some people are counter-power loads, intensive sports.This may be, for example, postpartum women and aged people.But this does not mean that they can not engage in training on a treadmill to lose weight.For such situations, there is gaining fans walking on the treadmill, the benefits of which no less than from conventional cross-country training.
to lose weight on a treadmill using a walk, you need at least half an hour daily and weekly workout should last about 1 hour.If the hour - that's a lot for you, you can break one hour session on two half-hour.
Remember that walking should be fast, as if you had somewhere to be late - only then will you get the results of their studies.It is also advisable to get on the treadmill in the morning, when the body contains less carbohydrate calories that you can burn much faster.

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