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Typhoon slimming: reviews of tea and tablets

Typhoon slimming: reviews of tea and tablets Common now tablets and tea for weight loss are Typhoon dietary supplement, which gives a great laxative effect.It is known that the product manufacturer is positioning it as a means to speed up the metabolic processes (or in other words, to improve metabolism) , and all thanks to the special substances in Typhoon: the so-calledbioflavonoids plant.

Typhoon slimming: reviews of tea and tablets

Tea is available in two usual ways: in bags and in bulk.Remarkably, the composition of the product does not necessarily imply a guaranteed weight loss, but, nevertheless, often can be seen in reviews on the Internet successful weight reduction of up to 10 kg for 30-40 days with regular use of tea or tablets.Let's find out if this is really so, but first consider the substance belonging to the typhoon.

Typhoon slimming: reviews of tea and tablets

Plants that are part of the tea

  • senna extract.It has a very powerful laxative effect.
  • lemongrass extract, and yerba mate.Through these herbs with frequent consumption of a decrease in appetite, appearance of vivacity, but the combination of herb
    s also provide a diuretic effect and increase the pressure.
  • Lotus (petals).It strengthens the whole body, improves the immune system and improves circulation.
  • Karkade.It includes vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, lowers blood cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels.

Typhoon slimming: reviews of tea and tablets

Reviews physicians

question arises: is it worth taking this product for weight loss?If it is good to consider this issue, the answer is: Yes, it is, but it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances.Medical experts have studied the composition of the product fully and came to the following conclusions:

  1. Firstly, we must remember that the "Typhoon" - a powerful laxative.
  2. tea and pills are also diuretics.
  3. From contraindications stands out heart problems, gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension.

From vyshenapisannogo is to conclude that the very careful use of BUD persons having mentioned health problems.The rest of the people "Typhoon" is quite suitable as a means to lose weight, cleanse the intestines and improve metabolism.However, it is best to take after work (study, important events, etc.), aslaxative and diuretic properties make themselves known quite soon after drinking.

Typhoon slimming: reviews of tea and tablets


Marina, 30 years old. I use it almost daily gulls.Naturally, weak me very well!I ate everything that he wants, but in the end one week could still lose 5 kg.Interestingly, three months does not increase the weight and I'm quite happy!Propyl just one pack of tea.

Elena, 37 years old.I read the web negative reviews of "Typhoon", but it has helped me not only to throw off the weight but also keep it normal!I bought a couple of months ago, Typhoon "Pineapple" (the price a little while, that pleases), and combined the reception of the physical training and proper nutrition.Together this led to the normalization of metabolism, removal of residues and other harmful substances from the body, and, of course, to lose weight.That's just not drink more than 2 times a day.In this case the main thing - do not overdo it.

Alexander, 25 years old. Just note that when drinking tea at first I had a stomachache and often wanted to use the toilet!But after a few days (not stopped drinking) it became much easier, and I would even say, has opened a "second wind."Weight is really fell, but perhaps only because of the fact that I did not want to eat for several days.But I want to repeat the course in a couple of months.

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