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Slimming Patches

Slimming Patches transdermal patch for weight loss is by far one of the most popular and effective methods of rapid weight loss.And contrary to what many women who want to lose weight, are skeptical of such a process unfamiliar, however, reduce the amount of thighs or abdomen is still quite possible. However, we must understand that there are some "gotchas" in spite of the advantages of this product - no one has canceled some contraindications, and, as Bud, the patch has some drawbacks.

How do patches slimming

Slimming Patches

Each type of this product may contain different active ingredients, each of which can perform a role the following:

  • patch pepper slimming.It is known that red pepper is an excellent fat burner.However, before you start using the product, you need to carefully read the instructions, which will certainly be written about the time of use stickers - usually 15-20 minutes and no more!The good news is that the patch Reusable - can be pasted several times on the problem area of ​​the body.
  • patch, which included caffeine.Improves blood circulation, successfully fights cellulite and improves metabolism at the cellular level and even helps solve the problem of varicose veins with frequent use.
  • All kinds of Chinese labels, through which decreases appetite.There is one "but": it is practically impossible to know the true composition of the product - whether the components of the patch are natural?

Slimming Patches

Famous brand patches

post-Soviet space is most often distributed in pharmacies following effective brand transdermal patches:

  1. Cettua (Settua) .The patch contains caffeine, it is a good anti-cellulite remedy.Also, the drug contains extracts of ivy and bitter orange to combat swelling
  2. Soso .The main active ingredients of plaster - Pennsylvania sedge root and violets.Designed for cutting away cellulite from the abdomen and thighs.Usually glued to 5 cm. Below the navel.
  3. Slim Patch .Multi-patch produced several of his species.The main active ingredients - red pepper, tree resin, ginseng.Effectively reduces appetite, breaks down body fat and toxins.
  4. Haogang .Tourmaline plaster China.The natural mineral tourmaline is considered in Chinese medicine, biologically active substances, normalizing the energy exchange in the human body.
  5. "flat tummy" from the company Lusero .This band-aid on the basis of camellia and seaweed kelp, produce it in China and in Italy.When using stomach becomes really flat due to the acceleration of metabolism and excretion of skin interstitial fluid.
  6. Beauty Style .American band-aid on the basis of high-altitude Tibetan herbs.Is extremely effective penetration - is absorbed into the skin up to 80% of active substances.Anti-cellulite and decongestant.
  7. Rikomed .Russian long-acting patch - it should be changed every 3 days.The composition - herbs, beeswax and algae.Pasted in the area of ​​the liver.
  8. Kiyeski .American design, patch magnet.As a part of - a large number of essential oils, jojoba oil, saffron, cocoa butter.In the center of the patch is a magnet, the magnetic waves enhance the absorption of active ingredients, and the elimination of toxins.
  9. Swallow and other patches YUKAN .Chinese plaster made specially for Russia.Consisting of swallows' nests.Improves peristalsis, reduces appetite, tones the skin and promotes weight loss.

Among these there are both domestic and Chinese and Japanese patches.Virtually all of them have a similar effect and, as mentioned previously, may be different composition.


Slimming Patches

doctors are the following contraindications, in which you can not use the product in question:

  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Too sensitive skin
  • Diseases thyroid
  • Kidney
  • An allergy to a substance included in the labels

about the pros and cons

first consider the positive aspects of the drug:

  1. With plaster no risk of staining your clothes.
  2. rule out the risk of adverse effects on the digestive organs (as opposed to, say, tablets).
  3. weight is reduced only to a certain part of the body.
  4. no need to radically change the way of life (physical exercise, diet)

Slimming Patches

However, there are some drawbacks:

  1. Regarding the cost is not cheap.
  2. undesirable to apply the patch, if the excess weight is too much, because the fat it does not take away.
  3. can not use all the time - a month is necessary to make at least a 10-day break.

reviews patch slimming

Julia, 27 years old. lose weight together with the Chinese plaster Soso, before pasted Bilayt.Just write about minus: Soso can sometimes come unstuck.For the rest, fully satisfied with the result, and it (the result) is really there!The sticker is good at "point" local weight loss when you need to remove the excess weight on the thighs or abdomen.

Alena, 35 years old. I read negative reviews on the Internet, but still decided to buy a "flat tummy" as meet and praise.On the tenth day of application I noticed that his stomach has become smaller!I regret that I did not buy immediately after the birth of a daughter.The patch helps to lose weight - it's true.

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