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Chia seeds slimming: reviews, how to make

Chia seeds slimming: reviews, how to make Among the many ways to lose weight at the moment there is a fairly common product that came to us from the central and southern regions of Mexico - chia seeds.Today it is a tool for weight loss is very popular and therefore the demand is considerable. really help those seeds to find a healthy and slim body get rid of excess weight - read about the properties of the product, as well as reviews later in this article.

On the beneficial properties of seeds

First of all, it should be noted that chia is very satisfying products - according to many reviews, you only eat one spoonful of seeds, and the feeling of satiety will persist throughout the day!In addition to the saturation of the organism it occurs and powerful fat burning process - after some time (30-40 days), you will already see significant progress in reducing weight.Also improves the skin and the immune system and reduces the risk of developing serious illnesses such as psoriasis, and Alzheimer's disease.

Chia seeds slimming: reviews, how to make

As part of the La Chia seed (la

chia) more than 20 percent protein, 35 - oil and about 25 - fiber.Last just the same, and explains the reason for the saturation of the stomach, indicating the possibility of regulating appetite.

Important facts about the seeds of chia

  • huge amount of calcium - far more than in milk
  • Elevated levels of magnesium and iron
  • more potassium than bananas

Chia seeds slimming: reviews, how to make

But that's not all usefulproperties: the seeds can be quite "give odds" blueberries and blueberry on the content of antioxidants.Present in the composition are important for the body and omega-3, omega-6, which should always be in the diet, sincethey improve the activity of the heart and blood vessels, reduce the risk of heart attack, normalizes blood pressure, cholesterol and output contribute to the improvement of blood clotting.

outwardly resembles a sesame seed, a smell much more similar to the scent of linseed oil.

Chia seeds slimming: reviews, how to make


main contraindication is perhaps the only idiosyncrasy of the product that can cause an allergic reaction.You should also consult a doctor if you consume pills that reduce blood pressure or medicines that thin the blood.When diarrhea and indigestion also desirable to use the seeds as long as the problem is resolved.

How to use

addition to the above properties, giving a feeling of fullness due to the fiber contained in Chia, the product also helps to remove toxins from the body and improves bowel.And to make the seeds of the following ways:

  • added to salads and other dishes
  • Mix crushed seeds with flour
  • eaten raw
  • take oil from the seeds of La Chia

Chia seeds slimming: reviews, how to make

Reviews lost weight

Elena, 37 years old. I'm overweight, have become relaxed attitude to it, but all the same because you want to lose a few kilos!Not accustomed to go the gym, so I decided to search the web more easy and effective way.As a result, studying forums, blogs, and other sites, learned about Chia seeds and decided to try the Spanish sage - it is now much smaller and for 30 days took off about 5 kilograms!I believe that the result is good.

Angelica, 25 years old. Bought for $ 9 a bag of 500 grams.Happy - not a word!Already 2 weeks it took to eat 2 kilograms and became smaller.Usually I drink water.Personally, I approached La Chia, then everyone should try himself and decide whether it fits or not this method.

if you are taking chia seeds for weight loss, share in the comments and the results of side effects.

See also video about losing weight with the help of chia seeds:

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