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An effective exercise for burning fat: Cardio force

An effective exercise for burning fat: Cardio force If you want to not only quickly lose weight and burn fat, but also to increase muscle mass, making forms a relief, then try to combine cardio and strength training.How to combine and alternate load tell our article and the video will demonstrate effective exercise program.

combination of cardio and strength training

Cardio load speed up metabolism, burn fat, and "force" forms a beautiful relief muscles, improve their tone.The best combination - first, cardio, then weight training.In the hall you can get started with a bicycle or treadmill, then go to "trenazherku."At home, it is difficult to distinguish between types of loads, different types of exercises follow each other, are in the complex.We offer you a video of intense 20 minute class, in which calories are burned, working muscles of the legs, arms and abdomen.

An effective exercise for burning fat: Cardio force

best cardio and strength training to burn fat at home, video

For the most effective program you will need to step-platform, it is possible to replace the low sustained a ben

complex with mandatory extensions, perform the exercises that you prefer (the slopes, diversion feet to the side, pulling the legs bent at the knees to the chest, and so on. N.).

  • Jumping .We get up to the platform and step, starting with the right foot, jump on it, then return to the floor.For maximum working the abdominal muscles connect the hands to lift them up, then bend at the elbows and falls downwards.Perform 20 reps, change the pace and do the exercise again.If you do not tap dance, you can perform jumps back and forth in place.
  • Squeezing .Starting position: lying down, hands on the edge of the platform, resting on his hands, his feet on the floor shoulder-width apart, with a focus on the toes, back straight.To facilitate the exercise can be slightly bent knees.Bend your elbows, chest almost touches the surface of the board.Perform 15-20 times.
  • «hopping is» .Starting position: stand up sideways to the platform, put one foot on it.We skip over step and perform a deep squat.Do not forget to breathe when we rise, and exhale when descend down.
  • Exercise triceps .Starting position: sit down with his back to the steppe, straight arms standing on the platform rests on the palm, legs straight, resting on the heel.Bend your elbows, then straighten.On the floor is completely impossible to sit.10 times.
  • Cardio .Starting position: stand sideways to the right side of the tap;one leg is standing on the platform, the other on the floor;hands in the castle in front of chest.Perform squats, stand up, transfer the weight to one foot (the one that at the top), the second bend at the knee and pulled up to the stomach, to meet her, slightly twist the body.Doing exercise 20 times, then switch sides.
  • Practising abdominal muscles .Starting position: lying down, hands on the steppe, arms straight;legs straight, drawing on his toes (upper limit).In turn we tighten the knees to the chest, do it quickly.
  • Squat with jump .We get up the side of the tap, one leg on top, his hands folded in front of chest.Doing squats, then pushing up the body - jump.Try to keep your back straight.On each leg carry out at least 20 times.

Ends strength training is another approach of push-ups.

An effective exercise for burning fat: Cardio force

At the end of an intense cardio and strength training have to keep stretching.Place one foot on the step, and the second on the floor drawing on a sock.Bend the knee, transferring weight on the platform.Repeat several times, then switch legs.

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