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Flax seeds slimming - reviews, results

Flax seeds slimming - reviews, results Valuable properties of flax seed in antiquity were discovered by scientists and doctors.It is known that Hippocrates wrote in his writings a recipe how to prepare a special broth, beneficial effect on the stomach.A little later praised this product in Russia as an excellent remedy for disease. Now the flax seed is most known as BUD, effective in reducing excess weight.Numerous testimonials of people try this dietary supplement, talk about its high efficiency and good.

Why flaxseed reduce weight?

often can be found in the vast network of different supplements useless, ostensibly to help lose weight, due to which many women have become skeptical of the various Badam.Because the study of a particular product, you can not help ask: does it really help in losing weight, can be through a slimmer?In addition, interested in the secret of action - what substances poses a supplement?

Flax seeds slimming - reviews, results

So, the product in question is indeed a useful and effective in helping to find a slim and beautiful figure: as a part of

flax seeds contain vegetable protein, fiber, minerals, vitamin B, P (also present retinol and tocopherol)and important to human life Omega-3, Omega-6.Moreover, the seeds - an excellent antioxidant.

Basic properties

Flax seeds slimming - reviews, results
  1. reduces appetite.Since the protein is composed of BUD is a nutrient, it successfully replaces many of the usual animal protein and tissue due to a feeling of satiety may take several hours.
  2. excellent laxative.It is worth noting that the laxative effect is quite soft and unlikely to cause discomfort.It is essential that the substances that make up the flax seeds do not have a significant impact on the intestinal microflora and, moreover, do not break it.

Thus, we conclude that the use of the article under consideration dietary product helps cleanse the body and saturate it a considerable number of valuable substances.Numerous people experience proves that after a while people get used regular use have small meals, avoiding nighttime snacking and harmful food.

Flax seeds slimming - reviews, results


  • Cirrhosis
  • Diabetes
  • vascular disease and heart
  • Acute pancreatitis
  • Hepatitis

How to use - the main methods of receiving

First of all, you need to know about the rightuse of seeds: flax seeds are usually crushed, chewed and then swallowed with water.However, it is permissible and other methods:

  1. food supplements.To add a product to the food, it is necessary to grind it to a state of flour.
  2. Use linseed oil - but not for cooking, and as salad dressings.
  3. Broth.Pour the boiling water, boil for half an hour and drink 80-100 ml before meals.
  4. cooking porridge.

Flax seeds slimming - reviews, results

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Reviews and lost weight results

Julia, 40 years. not found any flaws at this product!After a little use began to feel lightness in the body, a good mood and have become much smaller.I usually pour boiling water and cook for about an hour on low heat, and drink on an empty stomach before meals polstakanchika.

Lyudmila, 29 years. not the seed, and lo!I saw the broth, and made with yogurt - eventually took off 10 kilos and constipation stopped!I combine with any diet, such as a protein or cabbage.

Maria, 32 years old. helped me from edema, constipation, and yes, a little bit of extra kilograms gone.The main thing is not to drink before going to work or going out - it is better to drink at home, because then it would be desirable in a toilet.