Exercise for Weight Loss

Static exercises

Static exercises In order to bring the entire body to tone, not enough to active movements, need a set of static exercises.What is the use of them?What is a static exercise and how they affect the shape?Consider all these questions in detail below.

What is a static exercise?

static exercises implies the presence of a muscle strain, but the lack of movement.The body and limbs of man are immobile, but too big to feel the tension and a greater load on himself.

Benefits and harms of static exercises

Such exercises are used too, preferring longer dynamic.But this practice is quite natural for the muscles of the back, when the ridge constantly keeps level position and is always in good shape.The benefit of such exercises is very high.If you use them, even half-heartedly, the entire load will be distributed immediately to the red muscle fibers, and this, in turn, will lead to changes in the body, such as weight loss, as will actively burn fat.
This exercise is a big plus - so buy expensive exercise equipment or other d

evices are not needed.Such a static view of the work you can do at home, and everything you need is already at hand.
Static exercises

Using complex static exercises

All exercises are based on static postures and movements, which in real life no one and never performed.As a result of this exercise are utilized and develop those muscles that a person usually "off" not working.This enables the use of a set of static exercises to harmonize the figures and creating a beautiful body shape.Also useful
complex statistical exercise for weight loss.After all, the most problematic areas are located on the body in those places where the muscles are inactive.Muscle tissue atrophy there, and it took the fat layer, which only grows with time.Dynamic training to remove all the fat that is possible, but at the cost of a sharp increase in muscle, which is not desirable for all.Come to the aid of a set of static exercises that do not cause increase in muscle mass.It speeds up metabolism and fat leaves.However, muscles develops slowly and only to the extent that it is natural for the body.

  • Begin the exercise with the usual warm-up .The emphasis is on breathing and all kinds of stretch marks.Get a good warm up, but it does not get tired.Do not include warm-up exercises with sharp flapping.
  • first group of static exercises - rack .It is better to perform them in front of a mirror.Feet: shoulder width apart, bringing the heel and toes deploying, stand on one leg.His hands holding on to the wall, put your hands on the belt, pull your hands up, we start by the head, are crossed over his chest.Take one of the poses, slightly squat (squat depth of 3 options: easy, medium and deep) - and freezes in this position for 20-60 seconds, depending on the preparation.
  • second group of exercises performed on the mat, the basic position - sitting or lying down.This is - a variety of bridges and balancing .Side bridge, balancing on the buttocks, elbows on the desk, face down, drawing on his toes, sitap etc.Here the principle is to give the body a certain position and try to keep it a certain time.All exercises are performed with a stopwatch.Fixed position from 30 to 180 seconds, depending on your fitness.

How is static training?

Before you start making static, need to do a good workout for the body.The muscles must be warmed up perfectly.Coaches are advised to do a little jogging or deep squats.After the warm-up all your muscles will be ready for operation.
If you have the opportunity, then the Internet can find a lot of options for the video, which shows the static type of exercise.

Let us consider a couple of examples that involve more than one muscle.
  1. emphasis lying.Start push-ups from the floor, but only half.Fix in this position for 10 seconds.
  2. squeeze hands into fists, stand in front of the table and try to move the table if steered by the hand itself.Hold for 10 seconds.
  3. Stand in front of the table, put his hands on him and try to click on the table, as if trying to drive him into the ground.Perform no more than 10 seconds.Relax and repeat the exercise.
  4. Train runs on the bar.Try to catch up while his knees tucked under him.Hold and then relax.This exercise is very well coached by the press.

This is just a small list of exercises.The main thing you have to understand the essence of the training and how it affects your overall physical type of your body.But do not try to do the exercises more than 10 times better after some time again to repeat them.It will be more effective than all at once.
Static exercises
is important to remember that there are contraindications to the static type of exercise.If you have a weak cardiovascular system, it is best to consult a doctor.Because under static exercises your muscles length changes dramatically, the cardiovascular system may suffer greatly from such an impact on the body.Also, it is worth noting that the static exercises may hurt if they perform properly, or too intense - there is an infringement in the body as well as you can to earn injury.
As you can see, even performing a passive way of training, you can get a good result in the form of a beautiful and toned body.

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