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How to stop eating sweets?

How to stop eating sweets? Many of those who care about the figure and monitors weight, wondering "how to stop eating sweet and flour?" Some people are so tired to deal with it, that they begin to blame yourself, thinking about how to stop "eat" forbiddenProducts and start to strictly follow the diet selected.
berated himself, of course, should not be, because it is a negative motivation: to what good it definitely will not.But to stop eating sweets, you need to understand the reasons for their habit.

How to stop eating sweets?Depending on the reasons for sweets

To understand how to overcome yourself and stop eating sweets, it is important to understand what provokes you to do so.

  • The first reason: the body does not have enough glucose, starch, carbohydrates and tryptophan - an amino acid essential for the body.
  • second reason: constant stress, fatigue, depression.
  • Reason Three: psychological dependence.

with the cause determined.It remains only to analyze their condition and understand what, or what reasons specific t

o you.And then you can begin to study the recommendations on how to stop eating sweets.

How not to eat sweets: elimination of the first reasons

If the body does not have enough nutrients, and he wants a sweet, then the question "how to stop to eat sweets?", In this case more than inappropriate.To get rid of addiction, you need these nutrients just to fill.

How to stop eating sweets?

Of which products other than sweets, you can get tryptophan:

  • Eggs,
  • Cheese,
  • beef and turkey,
  • Cheese,
  • yogurts and milk.

Products containing slow carbohydrates and starches:

  • Brown rice,
  • Bean,
  • Grech,
  • whole grain bread.

Secure figure for products containing glucose:

  • Dried fruits,
  • Honey,
  • Dark chocolate.

How to stop eating a lot of sweet?Just turn to the diet of these useful products.And the craving for sweets will decline significantly in the first days of changes in nutrition.

How not to eat sweets: eliminate the cause of 2

known that eating sweet stimulates the hormone of happiness - serotonin.That's why many are literally "jam" their depression, failure and bad mood chocolates and pechenyushkami.But if the body is exposed to daily fatigue and lack of sleep, it is an urgent need not only to serotonin, but also in the glucose and fast carbohydrates.

How to stop eating sweets?

What to do in such a situation?Of course, in the first place, it should be excluded from Life Stress, depression and asthenia.Instead of absorbing the candy at home and cry into my pillow, it should find a new hobby, to devote more time to walks and sports, socializing with friends, often to go on a romantic date, or to spend more time with your partner.Often a cause of depression is very difficult to cope on their own: in this case, be sure to visit a psychologist who will help you understand yourself.
And, of course, to love themselves and do not allow yourself to overwork at work or caring for the family to reallocate family responsibilities, to give as much as possible from podrabotok.
worked their psychological problems, you will notice not only the improvement in mood and a burst of energy, but also the almost complete indifference to sweets.

How not to eat sweets: fighting the cause of 3

Psychological dependence on the sweet is formed not only in childhood.It is promoted and collective tea at work, tempting desserts on the shelves of supermarkets.But this dependence is easily overcome: here you just apply a little willpower.And also it is recommended to watch the video "As I stopped eating sweets," which provides additional recommendations for all three reasons.

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