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Plan training for girls

Plan training for girls Many girls and women are trying to lose weight through exercise, is not resorted to the best of ways: by choosing "male" exercises, they often do not achieve their goals.And the thing is that due to the difference in the anatomical structure requires a special training plan for girls, which is made as a rule, experienced coach with all the features of the woman's body.Below we offer training options for home and gym.They differ in the species of exercises, but are similar in that both help burn fat tissue and improve the figure.

plan workouts in the gym

physical training program for all women and girls must be carried out in the form of complex exercise which involved full body.This is especially true of those girls who started to do fitness recently.It is not necessary to have recourse at all times to the different simulators - often work with several dumbbells and barbell help to work more muscles and spend more energy.Lesson best three times a week, every other day.

Plan training for girls

Generally trainers off

er a split-training, that is, each class only work on one or two muscle groups.However, this program can come only athletes physically trained and experienced people who have passed basic training and are now willing to pay attention to a particular group of muscles.And due to different circumstances sometimes have to miss classes - in this case will always be necessary to work on all the muscles.

Do not forget about proper nutrition, if your main goal - weight loss.It is clear that engaging in physical training, it is desirable to adhere to a strict diet exhausting - it eventually, sooner or later lead to failure.But in any case, you must follow the diet to get better, in spite of the load, and does not lose motivation (for more details).

Plan training for girls

Warm up before classes

In this article you will find a complete set of exercises to warm up, but in general the instructions are as follows:

  1. Start classes with basic exercises: squats, press ups, warm-up stretching exercises.Make them during 8-10 minutes.
  2. running on a treadmill and walking "up the hill".Perform as a maximum of 10 minutes.

initial training program in the gym

Plan training for girls

All the exercises listed below should be carried out in three approaches:

Day 1

  • Squatting stamped - 12-15 times
  • Thrust dumbbell to the belt (doneturn right and left hand) - 10 times
  • pullups - the way
  • Lunges with dumbbells - 8-10 times each leg
  • pulldown exercise - 10-12 times
  • Press of dumbbells or a barbell on an incline bench - 1012 times

Day 2

  • thrust rod to the belt (15 times),
  • abdominal exercises - 20 times,
  • Squats - 10 times,
  • Squat "plié" using dumbbells - 12-15times.

Day 3

  • Deadlift - 12-15 times,
  • Dumbbell bench press lying - 10-12 times,
  • Wiring dumbbells - 10-12 times.

At the end of each training session to make a set of stretching exercises.Also, keep in mind that any of the above exercises can be replaced using the same simulator.

Plan training for girls

Lightweight training program in the gym

  1. pulldown exercise down - 3-4 sets of 15-20 times.
  2. narrow grip bench press - 3 sets of 15 times.
  3. vertical thrust rod - 4 sets of 10-12 times

Complete set of exercises you need a little cardio for half an hour.This type of training for girls in the first 12-14 days after menstruation.In the following days, you can increase the load of up to 5 sets.

plan workouts for women at home

present our plan is quite heavy, but no less effective than training in the gym.With this program you will not only burn fat tissue (= weight), but also to tone the muscles and train your cardiovascular system, which is very important for health.Difficult

this method due to the fact that it is based on a circular manner carry out all the exercises.This means that 10 exercises in the complex, it is necessary to make a circle with virtually no rest.That is, did a circle - 5-6 minutes rest - and re-do the same complex.Suited circles need to make it 3-4.

Plan training for girls

But there is a huge plus: at home you will need only one dumbbell!Ideally, it is desirable to be collapsible.If they do not, try to get a few pairs of 3, 5, 7 and 10 kg.And always be aware: thanks to this program you will be able to lose weight and find a beautiful slender figure!

list of exercises at home

All exercises must be repeated three times with a dumbbell:

  • attacks on side (10-12 times)
  • Thrust dumbbells in the slope (10-12 times)
  • Squats (up to 20 times)
  • Divorces lying (10-18 times)
  • Pushups on the bench (up to 20 times)
  • French bench standing (12-15 times)
  • Pullover lying (20 times)
  • Zashagivaniya on the stand (up to 20 times)

Plan training for girls

variation of the program includes the following exercises, which are the same as the previous ones, should be performed with dumbbells:

  • Link a dumbbell in the slope
  • Bench standing
  • Squats (dumbbell are located between the legs)
  • Broach with dumbbells standing
  • Bridge - lifting the pelvis lying
  • Deadlift
  • Lifting legs sitting
  • curls with dumbbells standing

number of repetitions - 10 to 20.

Useful tips

If, however,The above systems have been proven to have a very heavy, try to reduce the intensity of your workouts.It is important at first to measure the pulse after each round, because the body is still not used to the rhythm and pulse can sometimes reach the level of 200, which is not harmless to the body, so in this case should pause for a few minutes.Also, the first 2-3 weeks you can train for this program 2 times a week, alternating two sets of exercises.Gradually, the need to increase 3-4 times.Typically, the "home plan" performed 2,5-3 months.

Plan training for girls

In conclusion, it must be added that the ideal training for any girl, usually lasts no more than 60-70 minutes.During this time, you can work out all the muscle groups and have time to do three sets.Add new set of training exercises recommended only after 5-6 months of regular training.And, as mentioned earlier, proper exercise must be combined with the right diet diet.

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