Exercise for Weight Loss

Swimming for weight loss

Swimming for weight loss Swimming - it is an excellent form of exercise.It makes the work all the muscle groups.Because of this, when the fat is replaced by muscle, losing weight is carried out correctly.With the help of swimming for an hour, you can lose up to 500 calories, which is 100 more than during intensive running.

enjoy swimming

This kind of physical exertion extremely useful for the organism.It helps to improve metabolism and overall health.The benefits of swimming:

  • It does not create a burden on the musculoskeletal system.Because of this, even being overweight does not create an excessive load on it.
  • effect "gidronevesomosti" doing exercises in water are much more effective.When the load on the muscles is considerably reduced.
  • you can swim all, including pensioners and people with disabilities.

Swimming for weight loss

Features slimming using voyage

most effective swimming exercises for weight loss if they are part of the diet.This is due to several reasons:

  • often swimming excites the feeling of hunger, and calories expe
    nded on training, quickly returned to the meal;
  • quality diving causes severe fatigue, which in turn, provokes a sedentary lifestyle;
  • immediately after leaving the pool stops waste of calories, because your body switches to power-saving mode.

On this basis, we can conclude that the voyage - it is an excellent procedure that has a bracing effect on the body.However, for effective weight it should be combined with other types of physical activity.

How to lose weight by swimming

Experts say that swimming in cold water helps to reduce weight.The fact that, on cooling, the body begins to spend more energy to produce heat.

most effective slimming classes are those that involve serious enough exercise and highest pace.

most effective styles of swimming are cross and butterfly.They suggest serious enough physical activity, which will positively affect the appearance of the hands and feet, as well as the area of ​​the press.Work out side help backstroke.

What is interval training

interval training is called striping as possible with rest periods.That is, regardless of the style, 10-15 minutes to alternate 30-second swimming at full force, almost to the point of capacity, with 15-second relaxing swim in a quiet style.
These classes significantly improves the metabolism and allow you to start the process of loss of calories, which will continue for two days after the workout!
Swimming for weight loss

how to swim properly

  • Before you start interval training is good mash: a swim in the calm pace in different styles.The more styles navigation will be applied in a single training session, the higher the efficiency.
  • recipe for success - regular intervals.If you choose, say, 60/30, then they must adhere.
  • rest shall not be less than 15 seconds, an active work - less than 20 seconds.
  • If you properly distribute the load, you have to stand 6-7 intervals.If you stood less then reduce the interval.If you still have energy after the interval 7, they should be increased.
  • After the interval training swim about 5 minutes in a calm pace.
  • Before entering the water, you want to do a few stretching exercises.This will help bring the muscles in tone and maximize the effectiveness of training.
  • If you are a good swimmer and can easily swim 500 meters, swimming will not help you lose weight.It is better to choose water aerobics.This will help to increase the load and thus calories.
  • need to swim in the warm water.If the temperature is below 26 degrees, swim not as much devoted to training and to the freezing of the body.
  • there either before or after swimming for 1.5 hours is not recommended.

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