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Agaricus diet: recipes and reviews

Agaricus diet: recipes and reviews Agaricus or larch sponge is a member of the so-called parasitic fungi and grows mainly in the Far East and Siberia.It has long been considered a healing and used for medicinal purposes, but recently scientists have discovered a new and useful properties of the fungus turned out that agarikus helps reduce excess weight. And this is true because the reviews of people who used the product to confirm its effectiveness.

Description agarikus

Research scientists have shown that there is a special component of the plant, stimulate the activity of the liver.The latter, in turn, begins to produce a substance that accelerates the metabolic rate and lipolysis.It is this scientific discovery has led to what is now hardwood sponge became widely used to safely and effectively reduce excess weight.

Agaricus diet: recipes and reviews

Moreover, larch mushroom perfectly removes harmful substances: toxins and wastes, as well as cleans the intestines, which also leads to a reduction of excess kilos.

Recipe infusion of Agaricus

Typically, for effective weight loss hardwood sponge prepared infusion.Made it this way:

Agaricus diet: recipes and reviews
  1. Take 30-50 grams of Agaricus and put it in warm water (300-500 ml).
  2. Leave to infuse for about 8-9 hours.
  3. After poured water into the cup, but the water is still needed!
  4. himself mushroom thoroughly ground and then again pour the same water, but also add a little more hot water.
  5. Further, the infusion is put on medium heat and bring to a temperature of about 60 degrees (not to boil!).
  6. Now we need to merge the infusion in a thermos and leave for about 12 hours.
  7. drink during the day for half an hour before meals.

Agaricus diet: recipes and reviews


  • Pregnancy
  • Individual intolerance


In no case can not be abused by the fungus - to drink a maximum of 12-14 days, after which needs a break for 3-4 months.If the use of an allergic reaction began, receiving homeopathic remedy should be stopped immediately.

Agaricus diet: recipes and reviews

Agaricus: reviews of homeopathic preparations

Maria, 34 years old.I am very concerned overweight.If you have a small increase over 90 kg - it is always disappointing.Especially often hurt the joints, it had high blood pressure and other health problems.Friends advised homeopathy.At first I was skeptical, but still decided to try it, and I tried Agaricus Muskarius.I saw about six months (yes, the case is not fast), but now I have the weight of 74 kg!Pressure returned to normal, so much better feel!Thank you very much to the creators of this miracle drug!

Inessa, 27 years old. perfect homeopathic remedy.I took "Naturonik."He took off as a result of 10 kg and improved overall health.I am very pleased.I read the web opinion that this fungus is supposedly poisonous and dangerous, but when I read the scientific literature, it became clear that it is not - Agaricus refers to tinder, and they just are not poisonous.Conclusion: trust trusted source!

Hope 40 years. With larch sponge, I not only got rid of the extra kilos, but also toxins, toxins.Very good clean body!Homeopathy - a powerful thing, and though it is not always recognized.

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