Exercise for Weight Loss

Qigong for weight loss

Qigong for weight loss Qigong came to us from time immemorial.Thanks to the gym you can achieve healing and rejuvenation.Qigong has gained positive feedback from those who practice it regularly.Catching up on a regular basis for this Chinese system, it is possible to develop endurance, strength, and lose weight.

What are the benefits of gymnastics

Numerous studies conducted in medicine, demonstrated that Chi Kung helps with the following diseases:

  • pressure problems (high or low blood pressure);
  • diseases of the spine, bone and joints;
  • obesity, excess weight;
  • depressive disorders, bad temper, hypochondria, anxiety.

basis Qigong

There are a number of exercises that focus on the fight against obesity.Losing weight with the help of qigong reached very quickly and without stress to the body.This system has great reviews, so if you intend to lose weight and gain health, practice Qigong!

performing exercises, you will be able to use all the muscle groups.

important role breathing, which is built on a particular syst

em.Some newcomers do not believe that you can lose weight without impacting body exhausting exercises and workouts in the gym.But after a few sessions dissipate doubts, and see the result - weight loss does not have to wait long.
do the exercises can be both in groups and individually, or at home, and in this video tutorial will help you.

The video tutorials are good?First of all they help you understand how to stand and move during exercise, as well as tune.
Qigong will allow you to understand himself, his breath, heal and immerse yourself in a meditative state.
Note that the roots of the gym located in the ancient Chinese philosophy, medicine and, of course, martial arts.Initially this practice was used to balance the vital energy of the person (qi).Now you can not only replenish your energy supply, but also to find a healthy beautiful body.
main components of the old gym:
  • posture;
  • respiratory program;
  • focus on energies that pass through the body.

Experts say that as a form of meditation, this gymnastics performed with a calm mind and relaxed body, so drop your cares and immerse yourself in the magical world of relaxation.
According to Buddhist philosophy, with the help of qigong can gain access to higher areas of human consciousness, to awaken his true nature and develop the inherent potential.
Qigong for weight loss

Exercise for Weight Loss Slimming

when the practice of Qigong is achieved naturally.We offer you several options of useful exercises that can be done at home by yourself.

Exercise 1. "Breathing frog»

  1. Sit on a chair.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and push the foot to the floor.
  3. Squeeze in a fist left hand and the right place.
  4. knelt elbows and lean forward.
  5. head to bring your hands, close your eyes and focus on pleasant memories.
  6. Inhale and exhale through the mouth.
  7. abdomen should inflate.
  8. Pause breath and hold your breath for 2 seconds, and then take a short breath and a slow exhale.

This exercise "will clean" energy from your mental blockages, which you should use for 15 minutes.After that you should sit quietly with your eyes closed and rubbing his hands.Then reach out and take a deep breath.
Qigong for weight loss

Exercise 2. "lotus bud»

  1. We sat down on a chair.
  2. rest your wrists on the hips and straighten your back.
  3. bends down the lower jaw and tongue touch the sky.
  4. alternating inhalation and exhalation for 5 minutes.
  5. focuses on a deep exhale.
  6. Exercise devote 10 minutes.It is important to be completely relaxed and not think of anything negative in the course of performing gymnastics.

This exercise stimulates the metabolism.In addition, it will help you regain strength, and regular performance of his relieve of chronic diseases.