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Creatine - what is it for?

Creatine - what is it for? Creatine is actively used in sports nutrition because it is a kind of dietary supplements used as an additive to foods.Among the people who want to gain muscle mass, or to keep the figure is normal, a lot of those who take this product. It differs primarily in that its natural origin and of itself creatine is safe for health.In addition, it is easily absorbed by the body.Let's find out what it is and what it is.

Why use creatine?

Creatine is one of the types of amino acid derivative which is produced in the kidney, liver, and pancreas from glycine, methionine and arginine.Usually all we obtain it from food of animal origin, in particular red meats.However, often due to increased stress, poor nutrition and fatigue associated with exercise, creatine in the body becomes extremely small, because it's just necessary to use, especially if you exercise or stick to a low calorie diet.

Creatine - what is it for?

So, let's find out why there is creatine and what negative consequences might be if the body is in insufficient quanti

ties.During muscle tension is always needed energy, and because it is required immediately after exercise, our body takes it from the muscles, and the energy is transformed by the body into a special form before it (the body) is its use of "conventional" sources(proteins, fats and carbohydrates), and this form is, in fact, creatine.

proved that creatine helps to restore and strengthen the muscles after strenuous workouts.In addition, a natural additive.

Usually, if the body weight is 70 kg, the load at an average physical body needs about 2 grams per day of the amino acid.This means that one day ... you need to eat about a kilogram of red meat.Needless to say, it is much better to "fill the gap" with supplements?

basic useful properties of creatine

  1. Accelerates metabolism
  2. Reduces fat layer - reduces weight
  3. Improves performance and endurance
  4. are increasing power rates

Creatine - what is it for?

In what form is best to use

Mostathletes and bodybuilders prefer to take creatine monohydrate as powder, as it is much more economical and cheaper than the use of the capsule.

Now that you know about all the benefits of creatine, mineral properties and for what purpose it is needed.However, remember that drink it, like other amino acids, recommended courses with mandatory breaks.

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