Dietary supplements for weight loss

What is the gainer

What is the gainer Before you understand why there is a gainer, is first to define it.Gainer is a food additive, which consists largely of carbohydrate, protein, and is substantially free of fats.In other words, it is a protein-carbohydrate weight, which is usually more than carbohydrates (70-75%). With this mixture can increase muscle mass, because the protein is a basic material for constructing muscles.It also improves the resilience and increases the level of glycogen in muscle fibers to give more energy and strength.

What is the gainer

Suitable for gainer?

First of all, this product is recommended for people who have thin physique.With gainer after some time it will already see the result - built up muscle mass and thus a person gains weight.However, for people who have extremely high metabolic rate, a gainer is clearly not enough, and to build a "correct weight", it is necessary to combine the use of the product with other types of sports nutrition, in addition, will need to increase caloric intake and do not forget about the

regular physical training.

also protein-carbohydrate mixture is suitable not only athletes, but also to anyone who wants to just maintain their muscle mass.

After receiving gainer runs about 2-3 hours - during which time the muscles recover after strenuous workouts.

Why a gainer?

Always remember that proper nutrition - the key to success in sports, fitness, bodybuilding and weight loss.However, if not always possible to adhere to the perfect diet, the weight gainer in part help to correct it.Consider the main reasons for the use of the product:

  • Restores a lack of protein and carbohydrates after physical exercise - as a result, the growth of muscles.
  • Before training gainer provides the body with carbohydrate and amino acid stock.
  • Increasing the number of meals the whole day, and an increase in calorie diet.

What is the gainer

How to take

known that carbohydrates and proteins are best digested with drinking liquid: water, juice or milk.No specific contraindications.It goes well with creatine, and even allowed to mix the two substances in a cocktail.

Eat gainer is not recommended during weight loss, drying, or the period of the exercise "on relief."