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Exercises with expanders "butterfly"

Exercises with expanders "butterfly" Expander "butterfly" - a simulator that operates in compression.It is quite simple to use, does not take up much space, but it allows you to work the major muscle groups.How it works expander, you can learn by watching the video:

Benefits Expander "Butterfly»

Advantages of training with expanders:

  • easy to use and requires no special instructions for use;
  • suitable for people with different complexion;
  • saves time, because you can effectively deal with right at home;
  • takes up little space;
  • can be used at any time.

The only drawback is the lack of regulatory burden, but it can be done independently.

set of exercises with a "butterfly»

Espander- "Butterfly" is ideally suited for simple activities at home.

Below are especially gripping body position and technique exercises, using, according to reviews, the most popular:

  1. worked out internal muscles of the thighs.Sit in a chair and hold the levers of the simulator so that his head looked down.We undertake the levers arms for sta
    bility and compressive strength of their legs.This exercise can be done also on the floor, lying on its side.Repeat 50 times.
  2. Study chest muscles."Butterfly" is clamped between the forearms, elbows while looking down.Now we compress them to closely to each other.Return to the starting position and then repeat 30 times.
  3. load on the upper chest and shoulders.Wings lift straight up, holding their hands.Grasp the handle by employing the muscles of the upper body, hands is not omitted.The amplitude of the motion - of your choice.Repeat 30 times.
  4. Bleed triceps can be put one end of the expander on the leg, and the other used as an armrest for the hand.Elbow presses as close as possible to the body.We squeeze as much as possible, working force forearm hands.Keep your back straight.
  5. to study media lie down on the floor, legs bent at the knees, feet pressed against the floor.One arm is clamped between the hip and the other holding his hands at chest level.The head upwards.Lift your legs off the floor, squeeze trainer and straining abdominal muscles.Repeat 40 times.
  6. Lying on his side, set the simulator between the legs, as shown in the photo.Slowly squeeze and removal of the leg to the starting position.Repeat 15 times on each side.
  7. Lying on the floor, working on her buttocks.The wings are clamped between his knees, lifted up the head device.Compress knees, putting maximum effort.Repeat 20 times.

How to improve the effectiveness of training with expanders

rules that should be followed to achieve maximum results:

  • training should be scheduled with a gradual increase in load;
  • minimum time daily lessons - 20-30 minutes;
  • last effort in the muscles, it is necessary to do, overcoming weakness and resistance;
  • follow the correct diet.

Exercises with expanders "butterfly"

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