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Exercises with expanders for men

Exercises with expanders for men Men who for various reasons do not have access to training in gyms, there is an opportunity to strengthen and maintain muscle mass using Expander.Classes with expanders are suitable for men of any age and physique, addition, it is very accessible and cheap way to exercise, you can practice anywhere.

Rules of the expanders

In order to get the maximum effect, there are several principles:

  • start training with a little warm-up, warm-up the muscles;
  • load must be increased gradually, increasing the number of repetitions at first, and then approaches;
  • guided by the quality of the exercises rather than quantity;
  • before each approach highlight a minute or two to recuperate;
  • Pick up the load based on body type and fitness level.

Exercises with expanders for men

How to choose the expander

considered the most reliable spring expanders, unlike tape, which from time to wipe the rubber components.The load in such expanders depends on the thickness and length of the springs.

Depending on the level of male selects the shell taking

into account the color:

  • blue for professionals;
  • red - advanced;
  • green - the level below;
  • yellow - for beginners.

Exercises with expanders

There are a lot of exercises with breast-expander for each muscle group.Depending on the requirements, you can choose suitable for you using video:

We offer some of the most effective exercises to help pump up muscle mass and maintain it.

  1. Dissolve the maximum distance slightly bent at the elbows with the expanders in hand, hold it for several seconds, then slowly return to their original position.This exercise can also be performed and setting expander diagonally.
  2. exercise is performed similarly to the first, it is only a shell when it is running behind.
  3. One of the shells hold the foot in a standing position, and the second hold in your hand, then squeeze the arm at the elbow and fix the position for several seconds, then slowly return to starting position.Repeat a similar exercise for the second leg and hands.

With Expander, you can strengthen your leg muscles by performing a set of exercises, presented in video:

Start doing the exercises daily for 10 times with a load suitable for you.If the opportunity to engage in every day you do not, do the exercises at least every other day.

What does the use of Expander

most important advantages of the shell is that it is very easy to use, with it you can:

  • get rid of excess fat and increase endurance;
  • develop and strengthen all muscle groups;
  • have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels;
  • increase mobility and flexibility in the joints.

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