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How to cook rice in the steamer

How to cook rice in the steamer Steamer - an indispensable and very comfortable helper in the kitchen.Its convenience is time saving, ease of cooking and preservation of beneficial vitamins and minerals in foods.Dishes, steamed - a suitable option for people sitting on a diet, practicing sports , children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.

How to cook in a double boiler: the principle of using

Steamer has two types of control:

  1. Mechanical.On steamers with mechanical control is a special rotary switch, with which you can set the cooking time.At any time after the machine completes the job and off.
  2. electrons.Electronic pressure cooker is characterized by the presence of a liquid crystal display panel and buttons.It has much more features in comparison with the mechanical type:
  • setting a specific time for self-turn on the machine;
  • automatic determination of the time and mode of preparation in accordance with the weight and type of products;
  • preservation temperature of cooked dishes;
  • convenient control of wat
    er in the tank (machine signals the lack of water, and in case of its absence - is switched off);
  • control release steam (for faster cooking);
  • notification sound (signal of the completion of the process).

How to cook rice in the steamer

Rice in a double boiler: benefits

problem many housewives - Are stuck, sticky rice.Many people do not get to cook it properly, make the crumbly, so that each grain was separated from the other.Some people use this method: in a steamer lay a solid deep bowl that prevents the couple outside and cook in her product.But it is very tedious and also often fails in such a way to make a rice crisp.Krupa in a solid bowl prepared similarly to ordinary cooking:

  1. Par for a long time heats the liquid in the container.
  2. After boiling the product is cooked in a small amount of water at a low temperature.

traditional way of this method gives a head start steaming.Therefore it is better to steam rice - crispness of cereals will be provided.Product preparing steamed in a steamer, in which the openings in the trays of relatively small size in which the solid or pallets.These models are equipped specifically for cooking on a couple of this type of products.They are capable of doing the real culinary delights of rice: you can cook rice, risotto, meatballs, porridge with different additives.
How to cook rice in the steamer

Cooking rice in a double boiler - recipe

recipe cooked, crisp rice is very simple.This dish can be served as a side dish, and as a separate dish.You can use different varieties of rice: white, brown, wild, Round, Long grain rice, basmati - to your taste.The taste can be added to add your favorite spices that add delicious taste and attractive appearance dishes.For example, adding turmeric, you will not only make the rice taste better, but the dish will attach a beautiful sunny view.


  • 500 grams of rice
  • salt, pepper, spices to taste


Cook boiled steamed rice as follows:

  1. Figure necessary to rinse well with cold water until the water from the rice notIt will be clear and transparent.Soak it is not recommended, because in the latter figure may seethe.
  2. Next you need to put the washed rice in the pan (but not in a vessel) Steamers.Reminder: pan must be either small apertures, or continuous.If you have your double boiler pan holes of larger size than the grains of rice, it can be covered with foil, making a little trough, which is pierced with a toothpick or wooden skewers (for the steam).
  3. dish salted, pepper, add other seasonings to taste and everything is thoroughly mixed.
  4. rice is cooked in a double boiler 1:00 (more precise cooking time depends on the power of the machine).
  5. serves seasoned with unrefined olive oil and, if desired, with fresh herbs.

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