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Kefir diet striped

striped kefir diet Striped kefir diet - alternation of fasting days kefir and days of normal power supply.Existing versions of different length striped diet and weight loss products in the range of free days.Before embarking on this diet, you should know that it is quite hard, and similar schemes are recommended by doctors only to people, who really has a serious overweight or obese sick.In any event, the usual handling alternate days through day should be no more than two weeks.

Striped kefir diet plus normal diet

This option many women considered the most attractive.The fact is that it allows you not to give up their eating habits and lose weight pretty quickly.How is this possible?

  • The day you arrange a fasting day to a one percent or nonfat yogurt.
  • the day can be one and a half liter of kefir, green tea without sugar, a cup of coffee and lots of water.
  • But the next day you can eat as usual.

I think this circuit is ideal.In fact, it is not.If you are already overweight, with your "normal power" is definitel

y something wrong.Let's say you eat a lot of bread, cereals, eat sweet, and generally exceed the daily requirement of calories.Then a cunning body fairly quickly learn to store energy in the form of glycogen and later, in the form of fat.But in Kefir day you will be engaged in the extraction of fresh lipids from fat cells .

As a result, diet resembles a pendulum, and its oscillations do not always lead to a reduction in weight in the long term.To solve this problem there is a more "advancedĀ» striped kefir diet with a healthy diet.

Striped diet with a healthy diet

Kefir day on this diet goes unchanged.But the following day you can definitely a little "pokoldovat."Healthier food to the maximum and try counting calories, does not exceed 1500 calories a day.What exactly should be eaten?

Breakfast: 200 grams of any cereal, a glass of low-fat yogurt or 100 grams of cottage cheese, if you can no longer look at this yogurt.

Lunch: apple and almond nuts 7-10.This snack is ideally blocks hunger before dinner, and you can easily and naturally refuse dessert.

Lunch: a portion (200 ml) of any vegetable or chicken soup without podzharok and pasta, low-fat serving of not roasted meat with sauerkraut or mixed salad.

Lunch: 100 g of cheese and all the sweet fruit.You can drink the cocoa, brewed from cocoa powder on the water with one or two spoons of fructose if you are tormented by craving for sweets.

Dinner: 200 grams of lean fish, non-starchy vegetables all.

course a day, free yogurt, you are strictly prohibited heavy fatty food and alcohol.This makes sense - with limited calories diet glycogen depots will be empty, and the body will burn the "old" fat kefir during unloading .

In any case, striped kefir diet - stress to the body.It is necessary to train only on days when you do not drink yogurt.As already mentioned, "sit" for more than two weeks, it is not necessary.At the end of the authorized period, you should move to the right a restrictive diet with a minimal amount of fats and sweets, and arrange 1 Kefir discharge day a week.

If the concept of "out of the diet" - not what you expect to, sitting on the yogurt, for example, before the New Year, it is better to abandon this idea immediately.Strict diets have known side effects - if they immediately start after overeating, weight will quickly return, and even go into a plus.So be careful and do not overdo Fast diet to abundant feast.

striped diet is also called "yogurt a day," but sometimes replaced by other unloading kefir unloading days, for example, can drink yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese has a (500 g) or fruit.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanov - especially for, effective diet for weight loss.

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