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What is Tai Po?

What is Tai Po? Today, there are many different fitness programs, which can satisfy any request.Each of these programs has its "pros" and "cons", which is taken into account.But there is fitness, has the advantage of most programs in the absence of flaws - a Tai Po.

Tai Po: What is it?

Tai Po - a modern fitness program that is based on the receptions of martial arts (such as karate, Thai boxing, etc.).Also, tae bo involves performing elements of aerobics, stretching and strength training.In addition, it is worth noting that the tae bo does not involve the presence of a partner (sparring).Strokes perform solo, the band members are united only for learning the movements or helping to do stretching exercises.This type of training is more suitable for the beautiful half of humanity.Man, from the modern physical education, we can recommend the workout.

What is Tai Po?

How are training?

training on Tai Po has a reputation as a "combat fitness for women."Usually, classes involve intense rhythm that helps get rid of calories, weigh

t loss, weight loss and in fact for all the ladies - a priority.

Tai Po Each lesson gives a good mood, because you splash out the negative emotions.In training

girl blows from the imaginary enemy, and it is always a great emotional release.Also, this set of exercises help to train each muscle group.
this kind of fitness program is easy, and you can easily carry it at home.This will help you video tutorials that can be viewed at any convenient time for you:

But if you only start to deal with this kind of fitness, then it is better to attend as a group.

How fast can you achieve the results?

initial position in Tai Po - Boxing Stand and "hits" are beginning to be applied to the left hand.You can use light weights (1-2 kg).The classes are taught properly compress a fist, to breathe, to react quickly.All this helps to maintain a balance, which is useful in all areas of life.The first results you'll see in a month after training.And if you decide to study at home Tai Po, video tutorials greatly simplify your task!

What is Tai Po?

Strengths Tai Po

have this type of fitness has its own characteristics and advantages.This is what distinguishes the Tai Po from other occupations:

  1. Classes promote rapid weight loss, there is a relief of muscular, elastic form and beauty.
  2. benefits of such training is more that is generated as a result of correct posture, and that prevention of diseases of the spine.
  3. exercises performed by stretching a positive effect on muscle tone and their elasticity, making your musculoskeletal system more agile.
  4. Cardio load train the cardiovascular system.
  5. Lessons Tai Po to help get out the negative energy, the latent aggression.