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How to lose weight for the New Year

How to lose weight for the New Year question how to lose weight for the New Year , excites us in the early autumn, and even in December.Someone relaxed a little, gained a few kilos during the cold season, and someone left to lose coveted kilogram in the final stage of the program of weight loss.In any case, the situation requires emergency measures, you can not settle for the usual diet or unloading days.Connect the proper diet for weight loss, sports training, beauty treatments and you will find the most important holiday fully prepared.

Lose Weight in the New Year: New Year's diet

First of all, start with a small discharge still have.Do not think that because you will lose a lot of extra kilos, start fasting day important for the "seriousness of the designation" a small shake-up metabolism.Even before the holiday, there are only 2-3 weeks, start losing weight right tomorrow.

fasting day:

• Breakfast: 1 cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey
• After 2 hours: 4 egg whites and soy sauce or herbs are best to boil or fry in a dry

frying pan.
• After 2 hours: a cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey or syrup Dog rose.
• After 2 hours: 200 grams of boiled shrimp, lean fish or chicken breast
• After 2 hours: a cup of yogurt
• After 2 hours: 1 apple
• After 2 hours: a cup of yogurt

Survive on this diet day to continuelose weight for the New Year, go on a balanced diet.Before the holiday is not absolutely refuse to eat, or go to the mono-diet.You should just cut calories, fats, simple carbohydrates to a reasonable amount to spend one fasting day per week as described in our plan.

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New Year Diet: What is there in addition to the discharge of the day?

• Eat breakfast every 200 grams of porridge on the water with fruit or fruit "childish" puree without sugar.
• After 3 hours, drink a glass of kefir.
• For lunch, eat a serving of meat or fish, light vegetable garnish.
• At lunch, treat yourself to a cappuccino or tea with milk, half portions of any familiar to you sweet (half a biscuit, candy, cake quarter, a couple of squares of chocolate).
• Well, dinner is 3 hours before bedtime 200 g fat-free chicken or fish.
• If you need to eat right before bedtime - stop for a glass of kefir or buttermilk.

Most problem for losing weight - the New Year corporate parties .On them you will have to do a glass of dry wine and a few slices of cheese.In addition, eat one hot meat dish, do not even think that many salads, sandwiches made for you.The day after the feast arrange a fasting day.go as far as possible in the sauna.

How postroynet New Year training

If you have never played sports, and decided to proceed only to postroynet New Year, get effective, but not technically difficult exercises.Suitable Bodyflex, Pilates, Callanetics.Complete this activity special walking to burn fat.How do your usual walk this fat burning workout?Very simple:

    • Walk at least half an hour without a break;
    • Maintain a pace at which it is difficult to say;
    • Do not be afraid to stretch your hands, use them during the walk;
    • comfortable shoes;
    • Listen to the cheerful music while walking

If you are a novice sports, for 3 weeks, go to the special plan.Conventional weight training work to replace the Tabata system or circuit training for rapid fat loss.A low-intensity cardio replace interval training on a treadmill or stationary bike.

How fast to lose weight for the New Year: beauty treatments

If you do not visit the salon, do not worry.Even homemade beauty treatments, self-massage for weight loss and special baths will help tighten the skin and lose weight faster.But you have to start with a simple and seemingly having no relationship to the beauty of things - sleep at least 8 hours, it is a prerequisite for rapid weight loss.

every morning start with a contrast shower.In 30 seconds, pouring cold and warm water, 4-5 "repeats" should be sufficient.This will help your blood circulation will remove toxins from the tissues and accelerate muscle recovery after exercise.Then massage your problem areas with any moisturizer beforehand adding a drop of essential oil of grapefruit or juniper.You can use a massage roller or a vibrating platform, if these devices you have at home.

Every evening bathe beauty - with sea salt and a couple drops of essential oils of bergamot, grapefruit and rose.Be sure to moisturize the skin after a bath.But once a week, you should arrange a bath day - can cancel the training session and make a "discharge", since thermal treatments will be more effective.And most importantly - to deal with all this with pleasure and love for yourself, do not take weight loss to the New Year as a "difficult mission SWAT" and the main night of the year you will shine.

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