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Chinese gymnastics tai chi

Chinese gymnastics tai chi Tai Chi resembles gymnastics, because all the movements are slow, smooth and flowing.Worldwide chi tea is considered recreational gymnastics.If translated literally, the tai chi (taytszitsuan) means "other-wordly fist."

What is tai chi?

Tai Chi - a set of techniques of self-defense, which is a part of improving wushu.1 hour workout can burn about 300 calories.So this kind of gymnastics is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight.However, to engage in this kind of martial arts just for the sake of weight reduction is still not worth it.The main purpose of this Chinese meditative and sports equipment is to master control over their bodies at all levels (spiritual and physical).

How are training for tai chi

At the time of exercise is necessary to imagine the energy moving in your body, it needs to be carefully monitored.After class, she begins to circulate properly and helps the body "remember" its state of health.In tai chi meditation part it is just as important as the sport because physical

balance helps us achieve spiritual harmony.

Chinese gymnastics tai chi

nervous system comes in order, ordered thought.Very soon after the start of training you will notice that in difficult situations act as focused and effective as during exercise.

Important in tai chi - the balance!

Tai chi - it is, above all, the art of balance.Thanks to the Chinese gymnastics, the following changes in the body:

  • improved stretching;
  • stop sick joints;
  • improved coordination;
  • takes extra emotion;
  • you are struggling with depression;
  • clears the mind;
  • go psychosomatic diseases;
  • increases efficiency.

for training and exercises there are no contraindications.Tai chi even helps people to recover faster after surgery.This art may be engaged in both young and elderly people.And you can train in a group and at home.If you choose to study at home, you will be a special video tutorials on tai chi, which can be viewed at any time.Especially help such lessons for beginners:

It is very important to distribute the load intensity by yourself to do the exercises was comfortable.

What do I need to practice?

If you are a beginner, then, first of all, you need to take care of what needs to be clothing and shoes for Tai Po.It is worth noting that during the sessions, it is important to feel the ground beneath their feet, but his legs should not slide.Therefore, it is best to fit shoes with a thin outsole, or you can use ordinary socks with reinforced foot.Of course, you can practice barefoot, but only if allowed by drive temperature of the room.Clothing should be light, not snare.Catching up on their own, do not forget to watch a special video.

Chinese gymnastics tai chi